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question to ANY G46 (or other) owners about the charger.

Level 7

I recently got my laptop back from repairs, after the DC port broke.
It was the second time the DC port broke so I'm pretty sure it's because of the chargers that I am using.
When I ordered my laptop 2 years ago I ordered an extra charger with it. But I have recently discovered they have a slight difference, hence ONE of them keeps breaking my DC port. But the question is, which one?

So I am wondering if somebody who owns a G46 and could possibly SHOW me what their charger looks like?
One of mine is just straight, the other has a 90 degree angle at the end of the plug.
I would really prefer for somebody to provide a picture with it, because this is the internet after all and there is mean people everywhere 😞

Thanks in advance for any help.