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Question about Profiles in Armory Crate etc for my new Asus G731 StrixIII Laptop

Level 7
I have been out of the laptop gaming scene for awhile, my previous Asus G74 ROG laptop is 8 or 9 years old (and still working credit to Asus) but obviously it can't play anything modern so sorry for the stupid questions.

As soon as I loaded my new Asus G731 Strix III out of the box for the first time I noticed how loud the fan seemed compared to my old laptop, so when I found the Armory Crate program I noticed that by default it was set to Turbo


Now like I said I have been out of the gaming laptop scene for awhile does this mean it is overclocked standard out of the box? CPU frequency was 4092 mhz I think its standard speed is 2.6? Even on quiet mode it is at 2.9 gighz ?


What exactly does Turbo mode do? On balanced mode the CPU was still running at 4092 mhz
I know this is a gaming laptop but is it normal to run overclocked by default? Does this lesson the life of the CPU/GPU/Memory? Is it a good idea to run on silent until I am playing a game and what sort of temps should I expect and is it safe? Just downloaded Crysis 2 off Steam to test it will update with temps during load.

Thanks! Great looking laptop btw thanks Asus! Sorry for the dumb questions!

Level 7
Ok just tried Crysis 2 with Maxed out Ultra settings in 1920x1080 and the fps was hitting over 120 fps same with Skyrim Enhanced edition. Temps never got above 82 degrees is this ok? Ambient temps are warm here atm.