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Question about G750JH primary hard drive

Level 7
Hi, I just ordered my G750jh on Christmas, hasn't arrived yet. But have a follow-up question regarding the primary hard drive.

I saw that the brand of the two 128gb SSDs is Sandisk, did they just put two mSATA SSDs into one piece which has a standard SATA interface, so that they can fit two mSATA SSDs in one standard hard drive bay? Does that mean it is removable? Has anyone tried to replaced it with standard 2.5 inch hard drive yet?


Level 7
I have the same question, as my G750JH arrives next week.

I have yet to find a definite answer. I have read that you should be able to remove the drive, which is probably correct. But also read that once the mSATS drives are removed there is no connector to connect the new drive to. If so can one be easily installed? Either way you would need a hard drive caddy.

I have a 1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD awaiting the G750s arrival. I also have a 750BG hybrid SSHD and was consider making the SSD the primary and the SSHD the secondary. Thus having fast performance and plenty of capacity. But with the uncertainty, I'm currently looking to keep the 256GB mSATA as primary anf the 1TB SSD as the secondary. THe RAID 0 mSATA drive running mainly the OS and a few preferred apps should deliver crazy fast performance and I still have a good amount of storage.