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Question about compatible SSD's - G750JM

Level 7
So I've dug around quite a bit trying to figure out which type of SSD I will be able to use in my G750jm. I'm wondering if there is any way I will be able to use the new Nvme SSD/s or if I can only use SATA 2.5/3 like the 850 evo/pro..... I came across a few threads where it looked like some models could support it in some special configuration, but it was on the secondary drive?

Hoping someone will answer this post and help me out, the "g750 useful threads" sticky is like 3 threads of basic information that doesn't help at all, I'm honestly really surprised this hasn't been covered and stickied yet.

If I can/can't use the new Nvme SSD(or similar), what would be my best/fastest option? I also see a lot of members who prefer RAID 0 - I've never messed with hard drive config other than reformatting ect so what would be the fastest setup and any special way to configure it?

Level 7
I also see conversion brackets/chips and cables for SATA -> PCI/m.2, the only thing close to conclusive I've found is members speculated there would be a bottleneck at the adapter, but no actual results or conclusive yes/no it can't be done from what I've seen at least...

I don't remember the G750 having an M.2 port? that leave you with 2.5" SATA SSD of which the least issues seem to be with Samsung 850 Pro or EVO. I don't think they have a 960 in 2.5" format? if they did it would probably be somewhat better than 850 either way there running at SATA limits. If you did have a M.2 port it would be SATA as back then NVMe was still just a thought the G752 were the first to support NVMe.
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