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Question about ASUS G75VW-BBK5

Level 9
So obviously I have a question or two about my ASUS G75VW-BBK5.
1. I wanted to know what type of motherboard does it have. Becaus its an ASUS ROG machine, if it has a ROG motherboard, or if Best Buy puts a bad motherboard in it? I wanted to know because I looked at MemTweakIt and the thread starter says it doesnt work with laptops. Well what about G75VW-BBK5? Or any of the G75VW series.

- Sincerly : Techinstein . Thanks to all who reply.

My machine: G75VW-BBK5 with Windows 8 Pro :cool:

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MaXimus711 wrote:
Dude, Best Buy sells groceries you expect them to put a motherboard in a Notebook? 10816 LOLLL

I thought I'd seen it to me ;).

@MarshallR, that was what I basically figured. Unless we are voiding warranties, we really won't see the mobo, so the cost savings of not coloring it are appreciated! 🙂
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
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LINUX Users, we have a group!

Level 15
What defines it as an 'ROG motherboard'? As it's part of an ROG product, then yes, it is. Is it red and black? No, because you never see it so it doesn't need to be. Can you OC on it? No, because it's not possible due to the inherent design mobile CPUs being power optimized and cooling space limited. ROG defines that it's complete design is built for gaming - from the GPU/CPU selection, to the upgraded cooling design to balance temp/thermal noise and its shape and construction materials.

All G75VWs are manufactured by ASUS. The BBK5 is the suffix designation assigned to Best Buy for that particular specification of HDD/memory/GPU, CPU and display. The rest of the hardware is identical.

Hope that helps! 🙂

Level 9
Thanks everyone for there reply, it helped I just wanted to make sure and I don't know a lot about computers, other than how to use them, use the BIOS, model for games for my self. Would like to learn more though so I don't sound dumb though.
1. @ UltimaRage I did do research on gaming computers such as ROG and AW and Sager, as I said above I just don't know much about the insides. So what I do is I read possibly a ton of reviews on each and every system that interests me. And this fits me the best sense I think ASUS is a great manufacturer. I just wasn't sure sense they call it the Best Bu version and all.
2. @Zygomorphic , Thanks for making me feel better.
3. @MarshallR@ASUS, Thanks for what I believe to be the correct answer.
I now have a question that might be more directed to MarshallR@ASUS and that is, sense I got this G75VW-BBK5, I am eligible for the Windows8 upgrade offer,but I am worried that when it comes out and I download it, if it well install correctly and still have all of the ROG/ASUS stuff on it, such as the ASUS Reasource center, and the thing that I click to change from High Performace, Entertainment, etc?
Thanks for all who helped answer and assure me.

-Sincerely , Techinstein

My machine: G75VW-BBK5 with Windows 8 Pro :cool:

My YouTube: EpicTechinsteinTime