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Procedure to new G74SX batteries?

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Hi All,

Today Asus is soo kind to replace my high ware-level G74SX batteries with a new batteries. Can someone please let me know the procedure for a new batteries?

Do I let it charge 12hours and discharge to flat....... and repeat 3x.?

or is that too much?

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Plug it in and use it like normal. There is no need to charge and drain. Urban legend/myth.

Slaughtahouse wrote:
Plug it in and use it like normal. There is no need to charge and drain. Urban legend/myth.

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asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128 battery manual New asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128 battery needs charging and discharging cycle first before the regular usage. Because battery from factory to the users' hands that exists the time differences, and the electrode materials will be its passivation for the battery of the longer time difference, which is why the purchase of new batteries need to be completely filled with charging and discharging cycle three times to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to activate asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128 battery performance, to reach maximum capacity. Meanwhile, the laptop has the data transmission agreement end between battery and the computer, after the need of two or three times charged and discharged cycle, the percent of its real capacity can keep pace with the percent of content on the computer's screen. Cycle's steps: insert into computer to discharge until the shutdown, and then recharge the asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128 battery, charging time must be over 12 hours, to repeat the action of charging and discharging for three times. When using the battery for asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128, fever is a normal phenomenon, because in the process of the asus A42-G74 ICR18650-26F LC42SD128 battery pack charged and discharged, energy conversion will result in heat and at the same time the amount of heat will be transmitted to the battery. But if overheated (burning), stop using it immediately and ask for the professinonals to check.

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Hey Thx for the reply,

I found this:

Attention when use your new ASUS A42-G74 battery pack
Do you want your laptop run well at any mobile place ? The Follow suggestions will help you protect your laptop battery life.

Here's How:

1. Before using the new battery, Please read the ASUS A42-G74 battery maintain parts of the user manual carefully.
2. When charge your battery first time, Please fully charge 12 hours. The new battery need three times charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.
3. If a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a laptop or find the battery charge/discharge time become shorter than before, You should fully discharg the battery before charging next time.
4. When charge the ASUS A42-G74 battery, Please keep the laptop power off. Don't unplugged the power on the battery charge half-way. It is best time to use your laptop after full charged 30 minz later.
5. Dont put battery exposure, damp and erosion some chemical liquids. Avoid contact with metal stuff to make battery short-circuit and so on.

Seven tips to Prolong your ASUS A42-G74 laptop battery life

1. Do recharge your notbook battery when battery rundown.
2. Try Li-ion ASUS A42-G74 battery for your laptop. It can work long time than Non Li-Ion one.
3. Keep your laptop defragmentation regularly to prolong the laptop battery life.
4. Use some hard drive and optical drive spin-down software to reduce the power consumpition of laptop.
5. When long time without using laptop, Keep it in standby or sleep mode. It can both save the power and extend the ASUS A42-G74 notebook battery life.
6. Store your battery in a cool and dry place when don't use.
7. If you usually keep your laptop plugged in fixed power or rarely use it. Please take down your battery. If not, it will hurt the battery life.

gg31hh wrote:
1. Do recharge your notbook battery when battery rundown. that's an interesting one.....

BrodyBoy wrote: that's an interesting one.....

Did not write this...... but its funny

blah, blah, blah, blay, blah, blah~!!!! plug it in and use it. once in a while let the battery drain all the way down. then plug back in, and use normally. most laptops are plugged in more times than not. so it will charge while you use the computer plugged in. that's it.
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It doesn't need to charge repeat 3 times. li-ion battery has very little memory effect.

You can use it directly, I found a good place buy the replacement ASUS G74SX battery:

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Thanks for the site to buy batteries!

Should I take the battery out if my laptop is plugged in almost 99% of the time?