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Problem with Wi-fi, ssd crucial m500

Level 7
Hello everyone,

it´s my first time to visit this forum :), sorry to bother you with this problem, the issue is with my G750JW wi-fi, when i trying to connect with a router, i got only limited connection, i tried with 10 different routers to make a connection and the same result, the only way i can make it work it´s reinstall the drivers at the moment, but when i turned on to another day, same story, and i have to reinstall at the moment, but not every time works, im frustated with the situation.

And the other problem is with a crucial m500 ssd 120 GB, i tried to make a secure erase with parted magic, but the program gave me this message "this routine can only run for disks supporting the security mode feature set", and tried with HDDerase but the program says no have the secure option and i can´t make secure erase. Do you know any method to make a secure erase with crucial ssd especially with m500.

i used a diskpart to make a partition and format. i see on this page ; but im not sure it´s the right procedure.

the other thing i make a clone image of my OS G750 original and installed in the crucial SSD, but only works in IDE, not ACHI MODE.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks it advance!

Level 7
Sorry to say but you wont get much feedback in these forums. I've tried. I had also problems with my wi-fi and returned it back to the store and getting another computer, not asus. The G750JW is pretty new on the marked aswell so that might be due to the low response.

If you want to make a copy/image of W8 and the entire drive...since you have the Asus, I would highly reccomend using the Asus Backtracker Software.... just google it 😉 Good luck with your computer m8, I've had it and getting another laptop tomorrow. 🙂

Level 13

1. for wifi issues, the common solutions can be found in this forum. please do some leg work to search for it (at google type ' keywords' if the search function of this forum did not get what you want).

there are 2 parts of the story: the wifi adapter itself, and the wifi infrastructure that it connects to.

2. for ssd's, it is better to check if the manufacturer provides the necessary tool for secure erase (for instance, samsung and ocz do provide the option in their ssd toolsets) before purchase. a search via google revealed that many are in your shoes. maybe you can start by following this thread at

@Jeracan, unfortunately this is a community support forum. we can only help when we have free time 😕

if you have some time, please do come and help.

honestly, i have a good laptop (a g55). i have had no issue with it since day one (well, except for one of the left usb ports; just a very minor glitch). with time, i have made some changes to my g55 (upgraded my cpu, putting in ssd's, swapping my rams and wifi adapters, for instance). so far there is no issue after the changes; and it's getting much better than stock 😄

Level 7
I have no wifi problems myself. As for wiping your ssd. My samsung came with a magician, I just installed it in a running computer. Wiped... installed back into the laptop and was off to the races..