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Problem with G75VX screen! Please Help

Level 7

The problem started with just little lines that appeared horizontal and vertical. After around 4 days the screen went completely unreadable (as you see in the picture above). I cannot see a single thing through startup and well to anything.

Any solutions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

-- Attempted Solutions
- Plug in to HDMI and connect to TV to see if screen shows (Fn + F8). -- Nothing showed up and no signal was found. But then again even pressing (Fn f8) on startup and not even in windows does that option work?

Level 7
*BUMP* please help!!

One quick trick you can try is power down, remove your battery for about 30 seconds, replace and power up again.
If that doesn't work have you done any maintenance recently ie; have yo opened up your laptop for cleaning or anything like that?
If so check this thread..
There is a picture of a connector i posted witch is often the culprit.

Level 7
Hello I had the same problem with my g75vx after alot of trouble shooting I found it was a heat problem causing the display adapter to fail. Install a temp program and check your heats. I ended up repasting my entire laptop and all is fine. This was not an easy task if you are not a very pc savy person i wouldnt try it yourself.