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Problem with backlit~G55

Level 9
I have a problem with my backlit, when I press the power button, the laptop will turns to sleep mode. When I turn it on again, I found that I am unable to switch on the backlit~I've tried reinstall the ATK, but the problem still not solved. Anyone know why is this happen? ><"

sing_css wrote:
Can you explain it in detail??? Appreciate it very much!

i downloaded a clean original copy of windows 7 home premium 64 bit from internet, then i deleted all partition including recovery and merge all into 1 partition..i then installed that copy of windows 7 (since it is clean, so no all the useless asus softwares..after that, i download all the laters drivers from asus download site and nvidia video driver and instelled them..i didnt download any of the asus softwares, only the drivers

Level 13
NNY wrote:
Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I become a member of the ASUS ROG family. My first day on it everything was going good, I uninstalled a couple of things like the ASUS Live Update, and the Vibe applications. On the second day, I noticed the same problem that members on this thread are having. That is the keyboard backlight won't turn on after the laptop goes to sleep mode. I google searched and stumbled upon this thread. Here are a few details of my G55.

- Issue occurs when the G55 went to sleep, I haven't tested what it does after hibernation
- BIOS 209 right out of the box
- ATK Package 1.0.0016

Please note that I had clean install in mind after maybe a week for my G55 when I noticed it comes with bloatwares. When I encountered the keyboard light problem, I went ahead with Arvinaaaaa's suggestion on my 3rd day (yesterday). This did not resolve the problem, at least for me.

I wonder what is your BIOS version? I really wish you come back to this thread, because I think it will help us narrow the potential cause down 😞

At this point after finding what I can find on the web, and especially from this thread. It seems the problem isn't the ATK Package 1.0.0017, because I have the ATK Package 1.0.0016. My suspicion are aimed at the BIOS or the hardware (keyboard lights).

This to me is a minor problem, a convenience issue. It'll be nice if my backlight works as suggested, but it's not groundbreaking enough for me to want to hate my G55. I love my G55, runs cool as advertised, moreover furmark and 3dmark benchmarks are on point with the web reviews/testimonials I researched before I went ahead and ordered it.

Of course it'll be nice if we find a solution to this problem. So... please guys, members, and also ASUS tech supports alike, help us out! 🙂

just curious, what are the settings in the bios for "Wake on Lid Open" and "Power Off Energy Saving" in Advanced tab? try set them both to Enabled, save the changes and reboot. then test it with fn+f1 keys (sleep button) or power button. both should be able to make the laptop sleep and wake up.

if possible, disable the hibernate function by typing "powercfg -h off" in elevated command prompt also (right click on command prompt and select run as administrator).

edit: btw i'm using ATK Package 1.0.0023.

Level 7
Good news:

It appears that the new BIOS v214 is solving the problem (it did for me) !

Thank you Asus =D

got the same problem too....downloading the new bios and gonna try it in a bit. will update later. finger crossed
EDIT:after installing BIOS 214 everything works as it should, backlit screen brightness etc

Level 9
BIOS v214 solve the whole thing! hell yeah!!!!

Level 7
After some days with the new bios 214, i can safely say that it is stable. I didn't notice any troubles or performance issue.

Also, i installed Windows 8 yesterday (from scratch, i didn't want to update), and everything seems to works out fine. Only the audio card driver doesn't seem compatible yet, but the sound is working with the default windows 8 driver anyway.

Level 14
If the problem you report existed under the previous BIOS version, it sounds like it is hardware-related. If your laptop is new, return it to the retailer for an exchange or complete refund. Otherwise, set up an RMA for Warranty repair.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Level 13
pdiwi, that's what happened to my g55 with bios 2.14. i downgraded it to 2.09.

Level 7
i hope i wont need to send it back. i am from 206 as stock then upgraded to 214 after reading about the comments but it seems it didnt help. can you guide me on how to downgrade it to 209? im not really sure what im doing here.

Level 13
ok, sure. first, please read the two ways of downgrading bios here. i would prefer the first one, but it's up to you.
just make sure your battery is ok, and plug in the power source also.

edit: if you have chosen one of them, please ask questions if you're unsure of anything. i will try to help.