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Problem whit G771 when i put 128GB Transcend m2 hard drive

Level 7
I have problem with G771 m2 slot. When i put 128GB Transcend m2 hard drive i can't see when i start Windows installation, but i can't see it in bios too.

Any suggestions ?

P.S. I update my bios but the problem is still here.

Level 7
can you see bootable drives in the bios? (first, second, etc.)
I suppose it does not
you need to change a few options in the BIOS and everything appears

Boot :
Launch CSM - Enabled
Launch PXE OpROM - Enabled
Security :
Secureboot - Disabled

If you want to install something from USB or DVD in future you must also change one more thing :

USB Legacy support - Enabled

Now when boot press ESC and select drive to boot

Level 7
I tried everything, but the result is the same i can't see anywhere m2 ssd disk

Level 7
I have try with N751 the same problem i cant see the m2 SSD drive 🙂

You may know this already but just to make sure you are trying to plug in a PCIe SSD, right? I ask because I googled m.2 transcend SSD and came up only with SATA versions of this SSD but according to what I found in the upgrade guide the G771 just like the G751 and I think also the N751 take PCIe SSDs which are the same form factor but a totally different connection. If you want to check out such a drive, the best example is the XP941 or its successors SM951 which however is not available yet.
The upgrade guide also says M.2 PCIe x4 SSD 🙂

Level 7
I use and from what you say i have to take different SSD right ?

Level 7
@ NProkopiev
Yes you have to get a M.2 PCIe SSD like this