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[Problem]Laptop Toggles from AC/Battery mode all the time

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My ASUS laptop toggles between AC/Battery mode. I have replaced the charger and it still toggles, leading me to believe that it is a battery issue. I was wondering, is there any way for me to stop getting the notifications that it is toggling? I find them annoying and not at all helpful as the occur all the time.

It is a G73JH laptop.

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hurm not sure where you can set the notification on and off. you can try turning off the system icons for power. right click on the power meter and click turn system icons on or off.

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I am having a hard time finding a place where I can buy a replacement battery for my laptop, can you suggest a few places?

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TigerDirect is cheap and usally has anything. They are just starting to open retail centers.

I also am having the same issiue with the ac/battery going back and forth. I will not that I changer my wall charger after my oem power supply cord got damaged. I replaced it with a compadable Kensington, which has the same spec for the G73 JH power requirements. I am getting the swithcing back and forth. After searching the interned suggestion from take off the power adapater and battery, hold the power up switch for 45 sec and than put the battery back in, I am still getting the same thing. I can run the machine with the power cord alone, I can charge up the battery when shut down. But can not have the battery in and power plug in and have it work like it used to.

I don't know if this is an issiue with the power pin on the mother board, or simply the power supply is not enought to charge and run the G73 at once. If anyone knows the answer to this or how to check out other issiues I sure would be glad to hear it.

Also, I am looking where you do the battery test on this. I've seen it before, but did not see the battry test in the bio's.

Thank you

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sounds like what happened to me before my power pin broke. do check this thread:

you might as well break it as early as you can if you're on warranty.

I would not advise deliberately breaking the connector pin on a hunch. You'd end up sending it in for RMA and possibly only getting the pin fixed and not the original problem.

If you can leave the laptop sitting still with the power connector tweaked !gently! to one side and the charging is still intermittent then it would not seem to be a bad pin.
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i think the problem is the pin. that's like the symptom of when it's about to come off.

I have the Kensington Universal power cord and it contastly displays the AC Mode (on/off) display over all Windows. I could not find a location to shut this off so I terminated the running process. After bringing up Task Manager, display processes from all users and End Process HControl.exe. It is part of the ATK Package and can be told to not startup in msconfig (Startup-->ATK Hotkey)

I have the same problem and the massive FPS drop when only running on battery is very annoying. Due to me recently buying a new recharger that did not solve the problem, I suspected that something was wrong with the battery. I have now received a new battery and still no luck. I'd like to revisit this problem with you guys, as this is my first gaming laptop and I desperately need help fixing this. Thank you.
P.S. The battery charges fine when the computer is off. The problem occurs when the computer is powered on...

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I think this is caused by the dc input jack, inside the barrel of the dc jack there is usually a small metal strip that gets pushed to the side by the charger tip. This metal strip is then supposed to make a firm contact with the ground pin of the dc jack.

This is just me speculating. But the metal strip is also connected to the board and will power the board, regardless of whether the metal strip makes a firm contact, perhaps this metal strip is to detect whether the charger is actually connected.

If I am correct then you could fix by replacing the DC jack, or for a total bodge job you could bridge the solder joints of the metal strip and the ground pin of the dc jack. problem here is that it would essentialy be stuck in AC mode.

I think I am correct, as I am using the wrong charger tip on my charger, I diced and spliced this charger tip when my original one broke. It fits well enough to charge and power the laptop but i've notised that if you wiggle the tip it will occasionally toggle between AC and DC mode, however it never powers off with the battery removed. So I am 99% confident this is what is happening.
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