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Problem : Intel Iris Pro Driver on G751 not approved yet ?

Level 7

Windows 8.1 x64 (last update installed)
Bios : 208
Graphic Driver : ( win64_156362.exe (manually installed)

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)
Object Name not found.

help me

Level 7
You shouldnt be even able to see it under Display adapters since it is disabled by default on G751JY, so no need to worry about it. This laptop model has no optimus so you will be using the dedicated GPU all the time.

Level 7
lol i would say ask asus...but they dont answer :cool:

Level 10
I'm not entirely sure how you managed to even make it show up - but you can't use it either way. The only way I know to make iGPUs show up that are not on by default is modifying your BIOS and I doubt that's what's happening here.

You appear to basically be trying to cheat the system into thinking the device is there and enabled by installing the specific set of drivers, but it's not - this is likely the reason it won't install properly. The iGPU is simply disabled on the software and maybe even hardware level. Perhaps one day, when and if DX12 comes with this magical iGPU/dGPU mixup thing, then maybe it might be worth looking at this, but for now, the Iris Pro graphics are of no use to you.

This is why I found it so pointless to get a 4860 model - it's one major feature over the 4710 is the much improved iGPU that you can't even use. It has 100MHz higher turbo clock and is the epitome of a mobile Blast Furnace. Not worth the money at all.

Level 7
Upgrade to 10 with all last drivers, but Iris Pro Graphic 5200 not installed!
Windows 10 Build 10240 (x64)
Intel ME Firmware (1.5MB)
Intel CPPC Drivers Version
Intel Chipset Device Software
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface
iGPU locked ? Help me plz

yes it always was in this models
no optimus = no igpu

Level 10
Did you not read what we wrote? It doesn't matter what drivers or OS you have, you can't use the iGPU.

Level 7
If that's not why the laptop has it ?
What is Optimus ?

Level 10
Optimus is NVidia's tehnology for switching between a dedicated discreet GPU and an integrated one when graphics power isn't needed (though the Iris Pro is actually quite a powerful GPU) but the JY and JT don't have this because of the 980M...they just don't.

I have no idea why they put that sticker there, it's the first G751 I've seen with that sticker out of the 15 or so JT and JYs.

It'd be nice if they can make the iGPU on that work together with the dGPU using DirectX 12 using the new tech, though, but I imagine the extra thermal load would overpower the cooling system when running full pelt.

Level 9
never seen that sticker on a G751 before,as the G751 does not support Optimus it's pointless