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power connector pin broke on my G53jw

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Where the cable plugs into the laptop, the central pin in the jack broke off into the power cord... now, I cannot charge (or use) my computer.

I am wondering if others have seen this problem.
What can I do to fix this?
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I agree with what people are saying about how a RECALL or something should've been sent out. This same issue just happened to me and the amount of identical issues I'm seeing everywhere online is mind boggling... Even though it took a long time to happen (warrantee long gone) I still think this is inexcusable. I don't know wether I should bother fixing this.. Or just go laptop shopping. VERY DISAPPOINTED! And I hate typing this out on MY F'n IPAD!!!

Guys, we know that there was/is an issue with the notebooks, but let's keep in mind that ASUS hasn't made this notebook in several years, and the newer systems don't seem to have the problem (G53SX and beyond). ASUS did change the design, so it appears that there are no longer the significant number of people with this issue on the newer systems.
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee! 🙂
LINUX Users, we have a group!

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I think they should've engineered an adapter to go in between the power port and power charger to protect this from happening to future customers when it started happening.

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I think we're all aware of it being an older model.. As the title of the thread is correctly titled.. It would be nice to just accept it as my new sexy black paperweight full of my data and move on. But there is going to be some gripes when such an elite (and pricey at the time) system gets taken down by something so simple and small. I just wish it happened to mine earlier when something could've been done about it. Thanks

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If you haven't already tried it, you may want to contact ASUS support to check if they are offering any special consideration for this issue and what options they can offer (you may want to mention this forum site if necessary).
The U.S. and Canadian ASUS contact page can be found at this site.

If you contact them, let us know what happens or if you run into any problems.

Good luck!

Add me to the list. Just over a year old and my power pin *pop* came right out with the adapter when I unplugged it.
I've always been super careful because I know this is a known issue. Asus, of course, claims it is CID (Customer Induced Damage) and they will not pay for it.
I am sending it to them and hoping once they get it they will just fix it without wanting to charge me.
I am a pretty loyal Asus-er. I own a TF300T tablet, a RT-N56U Router and several pieces of hardware bought for my personal use and my job.
I hate to be one of THOSE people that say: If I don't get satisfaction, I will not buy Asus again. But. Well.... How can I trust a company that won't honor the warranty on such a common issue??

One of the reasons I chose this particular laptop was a) I like Asus b) I couldn't believe they offered a 2 year warranty. NO ONE has a 2 year warranty. I brag to my two gaming buddies who bought different gaming laptops how *I* got a 2 year warranty with mine.

And I can't believe they won't send packing materials. Dell always does.
So I just paid someone at the UPS store $16 to pack it for me. Not taking any chances.

I will update my results. (I also have a busted SHIFT key... Not sure how that happened. Opened it one day and it was laying there)
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Already speaking with my dollars: buying a video card for one of my end users right now. Normally it would be an Asus.
Sorry guys. EVGA today.

I know one lost customer isn't going to hurt Asus, but I certainly always prefer to speak with my dollars.
I am still optimistic that Asus will take care of me but I was just slightly annoyed when I told the woman on the phone "This seems to be a common issue and people get it repaired for free".
"I haven't heard about that before. This is always a CID issue..."
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Peregrine, thanks for your past support and as a fellow customer I understand your point of view.

Not sure what I'll be able to do about it though, but if you're sending it to our U.S. service center and don't mind sending me a PM at cl-albert with your rma number (and tracking?), I'll try to keep an eye on it.

Or, if you prefer, you can wait to send me a PM if you run into any problems.

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Follow up: So I have heard nothing from Asus and they received my laptop last Tues.
I was going to call them to get an update then remembered I can check status online.
Logged in and checked.
Received Tuesday. Repaired Wednesday. Shipped back to me on Thursday. Should be here tomorrow.
I guess this means it was repaired under warranty.
My faith in Asus has been restored! \o/

Sorry I bought an EVGA video card. 😞
I will continue to buy Asus branded products. Now... can we get Android 4.3 on our Asus TF300T's???

hehehe (j/k!!)
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Got it back. It's beautiful. They also replaced the keyboard for me, as well.

Sorry I doubted you Asus. ❤️
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