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power connector pin broke on my G53jw

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Where the cable plugs into the laptop, the central pin in the jack broke off into the power cord... now, I cannot charge (or use) my computer.

I am wondering if others have seen this problem.
What can I do to fix this?
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As recommended by Chastity@ASUS, I bought the right-angle adapter as soon as I received my G74SX-XT1 from TigerDirect. I have not experienced the problems seen by others (of course, I don't repeatedly disconnect the power that much). I ordered the adapter from BixNET (Merchant SKU is CNT-LC53 (Right Angle 90 Degree Converter for 5.5 x 2.5mm Connector - LC53) on Amazon Marketplace. It works for G73 series, too.

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I don't actually disconnect mine much either. I'm a stay at home dad and work weekends, but only take my laptop to work 1 or 2 times a month. Aside from that here is an update on my current RMA...
Just talked to tech support because there was no record of my RMA number when I checked on the web site. My hard drive is replaced so yay about that. However, they didn't do anything about the dead pixels in the LCD, and they didn't do anything about it running so hot. I know those things won't be checked now because it has already been shipped back. WTF...and by the way, I was just tole that I have over 2 years left on my warrenty, so why am I having to pay to ship my messed up $1200 paper weight to you guys everytime????

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Oh great.. I just ordered an Asus G53JW-XA1. Looks like I'll be asking for a refund the first time it breaks.

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This 90° connector on amazon, will it work on a broken one ?
The golden stick of my motherboard is broken. But will the computer take the charge anyway just with this adaptator ?

That is for the question.
Now if you want the story of the Global Warranty...

I am fighting with Asus Denmark. They are of course not considering the warranty and keep on answering like bots do...
I live in Iceland and bought the computer online in France.
No Asus backup in Iceland.
I first called England, declared the problem and been told that it was under warranty (nice). They also told me that they were'nt dealing with Iceland. They told me to call Ireland.
I called Ireland. They told me to call Denmark.
I went on duty, came back home when the warranty period was done. But the problem was already declared in the warranty period.
I called France. They told me it wasn't anymore under warranty. I told them that I declared the problem in England so they could check the SN. They told me they could'nt do that...
I sent a warranty message via Asus VIP club.
Daniel told me that the problem wasn't under warranty.
I told him it was.
He replied it wasn't.
So I finally called Denmark.
I had a cool girl on the phone. She told me that I declared the problem the 28th of september in England so the problem i was declared during the warranty period (This was cool). She also told me that she would ask to her +1 if they could do something and then she would send an email...
Never heard of her anymore.
So I called back.
I had Olaf on the phone. He told me that the computer was under warranty (awsome !) and that he will send me via email all the informations I need to send it.
Never heard anymore about Olaf...
So I called back.
I was told there that the problem is under warranty (i am starting to know that) but Iceland is out of the warranty.
I asked for a disclaimer of that warranty where I could see that Iceland is excluded. He said a level 2 agent will contact me about it.
Two days later, I received a mail from Patrick, level 2 agent I guess, saying that the problem wasn't under warranty and that:


I laughed, I sent a mail on fire to the dual level 2 bots Patrick and Daniel, and then I came here to cry with you guys...

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That is one sad tale of Customer (Dis)Service...
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Just a warning for people looking at the Bixmart 90' Angle connectors. They break easily. (Better it be a $7 part than a $100 repair, though.)

The male end of the connector is held in place ONLY by the rubber that surrounds it. It is not held in place by any means of solder, or fitting. Nothing. So if your now twirling power connector is bent the wrong way, it could potentially loosen the rubber, and thus the contact between the male end of the connector with the female base. You may notice that it only works when laying in a certain direction- that's your first sign.

On that note, Bixmart has been FULLY cooperative and is willing to issue replacement for my bent connectors, but I need to pay to ship them to Bixmart. >.> Better than nothing, I guess. It's amazing how much running ASUS has made us do, all to save $.05 or less per unit.

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The 90° connector is only a preventative measure. It reduces the side-to-side pressure on the connecting pin.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Just came here to add my name to the list of people this has happened to. Haven't even contacted Asus yet, but fortunately this laptop is still under warranty.

This isn't my first issue with this machine, and I'm rather disappointed.

Add me to the list as well.

Mine broke last night. I noticed my battery running low even though the laptop was plugged in. When i unplugged the power cord from the laptop, the connector pin was stuck inside the connector on the power cord.

With so many people having issues with this, I find it very to hard to believe it is not a manufacturing defect. If it did not void the warranty, I would look at replacing the connector myself. The part is only a few dollars and I'm sure I would be able to handle the solder portion.

jkarchner wrote:
With so many people having issues with this, I find it very to hard to believe it is not a manufacturing defect.

Or a design defect. Either way, I agree.....with so many occurrences, there's clearly something wrong. Given the warranty concern, perhaps you could see whether some local shop is authorized and can do the quick solder job...?