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power cable only powers at certain angles

Level 7
I have a fairly new asus g53sw from newegg. I knew going into it I might have some power issues based on the comments on this forum and the reviews. My power issue seems to be slightly different.

The power will cut out if the cable is not slightly moved to certain angles. So any movement of the laptop causes it to cut out.

My pin has not broken off. In fact it seems very stable after probing it with a narrow object. It does not give or feel loose. Also I have also found that the brick/cable itself do not seem to be the problem. I know that cables can be frayed or broken on the inside from excessive bending or being crushed. I set up an experiment where i held the wire firmly in place only moving the male portion of the plug to different angles and the power went in and out. I then tested the opposite where i held the male portion perfectly still and bend and flexed the cable. This resulted in no change at all. I have looked for foreign objects in both the cable and the laptop and there is nothing there. This problem existed almost from day one so i do not believe it is from damage. This laptop does not travel and I do not plug and unplug the power often. (possibly why my pin is not broken yet).

If anyone has any other ideas or test please let me know ASAP.

Level 14
Exactly how new is your laptop? Is it new enough to be within the return period for your retailer? If so, I recommend contacting them to see if they will exchange your G53SW for a new unit. Let the retailer or ASUS worry about this problem. You deserve a fully-functioning laptop without problems for your new purchase.

If you are within the return policy limits of your retailer and they suggest you RMA to ASUS, let them know you'd rather just return the laptop for a refund. Once you RMA, the computer is yours and any future problem resolution will be between you and ASUS.

But make your own decision. Don't do this just because I said it.
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Level 9
Like what dstrakele asked.

Is your laptop under warranty?
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It is past the 30 day i believe newegg allows. Its a few months old now. Also i already sent in the rebate so I don't think they would take it anyways. Does it look like this is RMA at this point? I am really trying to avoid it because of the massive downtime.

Level 14
Unfortunately, it does look like an RMA at this point. I recommend you go over to NBR ( and PM Chastity to open a case.

Alternatively, you could probably locate a qualified local computer store that could do the job. That would speed the turnaround time.
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Level 10
I'd like to suggest this first:

This adapter will take the stress off the socket, and perhaps fix your issue without having to RMA your unit. If it does not, then PM me with your contact info and serial number and we can setup an RMA.

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