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Post your Windows 10 upgrade experiences for G51/G71 and up

Level 7
Since I have not found a thread like this:

Please post your Windows 10 upgrade experiences below including your model and any tips, fixes, drivers, and workarounds used.

Also feel free to include your before and after benchmarks for your system and GPU. Overall feel and speed of your system, etc.

MODs: Please consider creating an upgrade / install guide with latest drivers for any models you may have and add them to the sticky

Thanks for the input ROGers!

Level 7
I finally figured it out! When windows 10 came out, I opted for the windows update route for installation, since when I tried to use the installation tool to create a usb version to do a clean install would never work because it would not install to a drive with GPT partitions.
The upgrade went fairly well. I had trouble with the audio driver, but used the sticky at the top of the forum to correct it. All my old programs and data pretty much worked. The only issue was, I wanted to install it on my SSD, but it did not give me any option where to install.
So I just went along with it. Once it was complete, The boot time was unbearable, my HDD was constantly at 100% activity, and it was SLOW overall. So I started digging and found an article on how to do a clean install.

The article said to go ahead and install via the upgrade on windows update and let it activate and all that like I did. Then go to the MS site and download the 64 bit version of win 10 as an ISO. Then use Rufus to create the USB Boot drive. Rufus allows you to select MBR or GPT on your destination drive when you are creating the image.
Once I disabled all other boot devices besides the usb in the bios, it booted perfectly into the usb and allowed me to do a 100% clean install on the SSD. I skipped the pages that ask for the windows key. Once it was completely installed it automatically activated.

Now all is right in the world again! Win10 on my SSD is fast as lightning and everything works perfectly. All the old codecs and garbage that was on the old win 7 drive is gone and doesnt interfere with anything. I was having horrible shockwave issues on the initial upgrade but all of that is now resolved as well.
It boots in seconds, and runs everything I have perfectly. I did have to do the audio fix twice to get it working right, but even that works great now.
Im glad I was able to get this done!

Level 7
Windows 10 upgrade experience for Asus G74SX 3d model -

- Pre-upgrade - Win 7 64-bit Home
Issues noticed -
* after installing a 1TB SSHD hybrid drive, the OS would hang/freeze after resuming from sleep and only a hard powercycle would bring it back
* high CPU/GPU temps (idle cpu = 65C, idle gpu=55C, under load cpu = 97C and thermal throttling always on cpu core 2, rest of cores around 95C, under load gpu = 85C. This is with GTA V - very high textures using 2.4GB VRAM)
* slow/sluggish response at times
* under intense game load, max cpu freq was always 2994MHz (x28)

Used a dust buster to clean the vents and temps dropped about 8C to 89C cpu under load, 79C GPU under load. (GTA V)
Idle temps dropped about 4C

_ Upgrade went smooth and took about 40mins.

- Post-upgrade - Win 10 64-bit Home
* no more hangs after resuming from sleep.
* cpu/gpu temps are now strangely lower on their own. Idle cpu temp is now approx 40C cpu, 36C gpu. Max cpu temp is now 75C with GTA V, max gpu temp is now 71C. No other changes so this is very puzzling to me.
* the touchpad got enabled and I noticed the sentellic driver ver updated and it was just a matter of disabling. However, after each resume from sleep I have to unplug/replug mouse to disable touchpad each time like before. I will just disable entire touchpad again.
* hwinfo64 now reports x30-x31 boost when gaming. Max freq program shows is now 3093MHz (about 100MHz more than before under Win 7). This used to be x28 in Win 7
* Overall feel is very clean and nice. The laptop seems zippy. I'll be buying a 1TB Corsair SSD (I have 1TB SSHD and 750GB HDD) to speed it up vastly.
* Windows store is nice, MS Edge is actually very nice (but I'm sticking with my Opera Beta, best browser ever 😉
* Cortana is very nice. Bing is very well integrated and nice. Using this almost exclusively

Minor quibbles
* the default win 10 fonts all seem super tiny. Had to increase it a bit (making it bold makes it look real nice)
* scrollbars look like win 95 scroll bars for some reason
* where is solitaire? I used to like to play that before. It is missing? There's some ad filled Solitaire collection but no actual solitaire game.
* who installed candy crush? It seems to have installed by default.
* unable to disable bluetooth. Need to figure this out
* nvidia driver via geforce experience kept complaining "incompatible with this ver of windows and no compatible nvidia hw found". Had to manually force by downloading driver instead of geforce experience
* nvidia driver install required 2 reboots - one after it removed it, then rebooted and resumed and installed win 10 driver. There doesn't seem to be the feature which was there in Win 7 - install the new drivers without reboot
* The annoying UAC messages are all still there.
* battery status shows - 96% plugged in, not charging. Battery doesn't seem to be going to 100% anymore? each reboot is dropping it by 1%. But it seems to be ok for now. Maybe needs a better driver.

Overall after a couple of days, the experience is positive but I have a month still to roll back if needed.

Level 9

Disabling Bluetooth

Saw this on tenforums as it seems the Microsoft Win10 bluetooth drivers don't have the bluetooth on/off switch and this is how you turn BT off:

Open Control Panel, click on Device Manager


Right click on the Windows logo AKA the start button, select Run
Then type in devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open Device Manager

Double click on your computer name (if it's not open already), double click on Bluetooth, right click on the Bluetooth Adapter then click Disable or Enable

This way you can stop and start the Bluetooth Adapter from searching for devices at your convenience.

As for Solitaire, there is also Minesweeper that's missing:

Level 7
Upgraded from windows 8.1 to 10 on my SSD (G75-VX) and booting up was slower.
Even after login it took about 5-10 seconds before I saw my desktop.
Went back to Windows 8.1..
Install a new install on a blank SSD, and booting still sucks and still takes time before you can see the desktop.

(all the other drivers installed, only had to install the touchpad, so I could disable it... unless there is a way to disable it in the BIOS??) since I use a mouse..

Did you have fast boot turned on? its a little bit different in 10 you have choices. Since you are just installing it could be turned off since you will need several full complete reboots. Most of us keep it turned off so that we do get a complete full reboot every time shut down. Fast boot is Hybrid sleep. For the basic's of 10 check out the Tenforum With an SSD boot times are so fast that fast boot is not needed.
G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
Windows 10 Pro
Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

Level 7
g75vx with windows 10 upgrade so far so good.
I didn't have my window 8 key, due to the fact I had downgraded my NB to win 7 pro.
So, I decided to run a dual boot.
I kept win 7 , partitioned the c drive, used the public win 8.1 key to install a win 8 ISO.
Updated, than installed win 10 far so good.
Not sure what I should be checking to see what isn't working, but I haven't crossed any problems so far.
Only Bluetooth needed to be installed after upgrade to 10.
I like 10, but I will be looking at shutting down some of the garbage they have put on there.

Yes Classic Shell helps a good deal with getting rid of the metro crap. You might check you software and insure that your Association are for your desktop program not the windows Apps.

I find edge pretty useless with out add one extensions. IE 11 seem to perform better on ten than it did on 8.1
G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
Windows 10 Pro
Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

Thanks for the tip regarding Asus ATK for Windows 10.

G55 here, unbelievably smooth upgrade process.

Did a clean install from retail Windows 8.1 disc, then chose the upgrade to Windows 10 straight away.

Elan trackpad auto installed too, maybe Nvidia driver auto-installed too.

So far so good.

Just remember to turn off all the privacy violating settings by Windows 10 etc.

Thanks ASUS for my 3rd year of this very enjoyable laptop.

Edit: On the Windows side probably, there is a glitch where the whole app is somewhat "blurry" (eg. iTunes). Probably a font/ scaling/ resolution issue.

Level 7
yes, I use IE, forget the Edge.
Also, I did have to install the latest NVidia driver after upgrading to 10.
Sound works...still crappy however, ...probably the biggest complaint I have about the NB, otherwise I've been happy with it.

Level 7
After using Win 10 now, I am beginning to like it a lot over Win 7.

Many things are better. Gaming works as before on Win 7 without issues.

Also I had used this to just dust buster the dust and it made a staggering diff.

Max CPU before was: 98C with at least one core throttling down and game running very slow (GTA V)
Max GPU before was: 85C

Now, with newer Win 10 drivers and cleaner mobo/fans/outlets with hot summer 90F outside with no fans.
Max CPU is : 78C on GTA V with even higher settings
Max GPU is : 65C on GTA V with higher settings

So in fall and winter when it is lot more cooler it will lower max temps even more. Idle temps dropped to 35C GPU and 39-40C CPU
from like 60C GPU and 68-70C CPU.

Next stop is SSD for me for even more faster response from disk IO subsystem.

Overall, Windows 10 seems to be good and I will likely not revert back in the few remaining days I have to revert it.