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Possible To Upgrade My G75VW BKK5 To G75VW-DS73-3D Screen?

Level 7
Hi, I got the asus g75vw bkk5 version from best buy back in last year of May and it has been a great bestly machine(I wanted it for guild wars 2 and now use it for a lot of other games.) But anyways, not too long ago I was on a forum site such as this one but it was white and I saw something crawling on the screen(See I thought it was those signatures that some people have in their post that makes it look like a bug is in your screen.) and then I move from the page and I still saw it so I was thinking it wasn't what I thought it was. I then smashed on the screen with my finger and it quit moving. .. And see I didn't know it was inside the screen because I've never ever had that happen before.(It went all the way inside the lcd screen HOW THE FU*K?!) So I was like I can fix this and so I tried. I youtube a video on how to take apart the screen and all was great I got it open and got the bug out! But, I cracked the screen doing so .. . So now instead of a little small bug I should of just ignored, I now have a huge black eclipse moon on my screen with rainbows falling down.(Kind of pretty in a way . ..) But I knew I was gonna probably mess up or failed at figuring it out but I never thought I'd crack the damn screen.-_-

Anyways now that you know my story I'd like to ask if it is possible to replace my asus laptop screen:
Asus g75vw bkk5-

With the newest one:

Or do I need more than just the screen to make it 3D?

Also if would please if refer me to an item or saying yes it will work please provide me with the best site to get the item from.(Screen, 3d ir camera,etc). Thank you!

Or will any 3D screen be okay?

Oh I'm sorry I must of posted on the wrong site because no one here knows as I thought they would.

Anyways, I found out you can do it so close this thread thanks...

Level 9
i think you can ask asus service to replace it, maybe can maybe can not, but i think you will pay fee by youself.