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Poor Performance asus rog G553V

Level 7
Hey i recently bought a asus rog and i have been experiencing some performance issues i had and old computer that did the same thing i do faster, my biggest problem so far is that sometimes the computer just plains freezes, stays unresposive for minutes before i can use it again, and in game sometimes it will run smooth and other times just opening the .exe takes forever it is just not Worth I was able to play Crisys 3 in the first day i used the computer, right now it just lags and stutters, and in League of legends it stutters and wont past 60 fps while its uncapped on the settings. I done some research and noticed my computer usually as +70% disk usage most times stays at 100% i have tried some fix i found online at this time i have:
Deactivated Windows update and Search trough services.msc
changed some setting of the virtual Memory
If try to use the computer to download anything it just is impossible to use the pc the base thing will take forever to open/load
Seems like the temperature its normal.
I7 HQ 7700
GTX 1050

Any help would be highly aprreciated
Had Some videos of the pc lagging but i dont seem to be able to upload them here...