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plz HELP me....

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hi, i really need your help ASAP
have an asus g73jh-x1 notebook, recently got back to me after a replacing mother board, hard drive and the graphic card ( all to the same manufactor hardware i got when buying the notebook an year ago).
im trying to update to the latest CCC from amd website, everything seems to be ok just the catalyst control center wont launch. doesnt say any error just nothing happens when i launch the icon.
ive spent 3 weeks trying to uninstal and install again with or without driver sweeper all kinds of CCC version but just dont know wich one fits my PC. AMD and ASUS support didnt really help me at all
plz help me someone...............................

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Make sure you are installing the Mobility version of the driver, the desktop PC version won't work on a notebook
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Here is an excerpt from an NBR thread: that discusses how to install AMD CCC.

How to Setup (thanks to steviejones133)

1. Uninstall CCC via choosing uninstall manager and select everything. Remove. (chose this opposed to express uninstall as I didnt like the sound of anything "express"....)

2. Check in Device Manager that you are back to Standard VGA Drivers.

3. If not back at VGA, uninstall/remove devices manually via device manager. This should get back to VGA.

4. Reboot into safe mode (dont boot normally at this stage) - run Driver sweeper in safe mode for Ati Display only (run as admin - important)

5. Re-run driver sweeper whilst in safe mode (again and as admin and for Ati Display only - should come up with nothing to clean after analyzing)

6. Run CCleaner for both clean up and registry in safe mode.

7. Repeat step 6.

Restart normally to windows - will look awful 'cos of the resolution/vga drivers!

8. Re-run driver sweeper (admin)

9. Re-run CCleaner

By this stage, everything should be totally nuked. Gone. See ya later.

10. Install chosen driver package....Dont choose custom install....

11. Sit back and enjoy.
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