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Please, please, please, i need help thanks. Asus programs lost after clean install.

Level 9
OMG! I really did a bad thing. i did a clean install of W 1O and had no idea that i loose all Asus pre installed programs and i tried to use my USB W8.1 recovery to go back and that will not work, and i have no old windows file saved as pc was not working great and i done another recovery and probably lost the Window old file. how can i get back my Asus programs that are not on the website? please i really need your help as now i only have W10 with nothing in my programs not even Ge force Experience. i don't think i can go back to W8.1 now as i did a clean install. and if im stuck with windows 10 i need my Asus programs that came with windows. please help as im very upset and desperate that the only think that keeps me from braking this laptop is because its nice and expensive cause i really had it with MS. Is it possible W 1O that Asus use on there Laptops that i can download ? even if i have to pay for as long its not expensive as im unemployed. or is there a way i can go back to 8.1 with buying the disk from Asus? my USB back up done with W8.1 backtracker will not booth it keeps bringing select country and keyboard and repeating with no success.

regards Noel

Gps3dx wrote:
indeed that is what MS decided and implemented.

I wonder though what will happen if you update to windows 10 -> call for RMA some other reason, which afterwards asus have to return your laptop with win8 ( if you bought it with win8 ( it's their internal regulation ) ) - will they reactivate the win8 with new OEM product key on same motherboard ? I don't think it's possible... AFAIK only motherboard replacement will allows them to get back genuine win8, if prior Mobo was upgrade to win10 ( and 1 month past ).
I still wonder though.

For asus that have Windows 8/8.1 embedded code in BIOS (OEM code, valid also for automatic Windows 10 home install) you can install "infinite" times Windows 8, but only if you have OEM iso, that's very difficult for end user to find (took me 2 month of search a couple of year ago to have one copy). Even if you find a Windows 8 OEM iso, you format adn reinstall all driver/software, IMHO this work doesn't Worth the most easy-automated process of clean install Windows 10. Easy reperible ISO on Microsoft website, easy installation due to auto gain of serial from bios by Windows installer module, easiest driver update, more system performance, and SAME problems of Windows 8. Seems very suspicious that you can have problem on 10 on these ROG machine that didn't appeared under Windows 8...if you installed all in the correct way. At least but not last, doing upgrade to Windows 10 enabe you to rollback to an automatic stored WIM of 8.1 created by Windows 10, but also we have another WIM in recovery partition easy recallable with backtracker utility.

Thanks for all the information. one issue im halving is my Bluetooth, i update from Asus site even found latest from the provided links here, and still in device manager i have a yellow mark . it keeps removing it and if i try update from DM say driver found but dose not update. i think was error 10.

any help please? thanks in advance. NB

Level 9
I manage to download most from Asus website and i was missing Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility, but i found the latest release that is good for W10,
another that i need was free, the power to go 8. but am using PTG 10 for now as on web said its free software then i find it's say trail version.

The point is! i spent 15 hr's non stop doing all this and it would be a nightmare if something goes bad for now I kept all downloads on another HD just in case.

W8.1 was better to me as this W10 stiil have long way to go many errors still .

I need to find out if It's possible to get an original copy on a USB from Asus that can install over W10 as Microsoft told me that's the only way to have my laptop back to factory state by having an original manufacture copy. my apologies for opening this thread when there mite be similar open threads, but if someone tell me how to delete this whole thread then i will.. thanks NB

if you UPDATED from 8.1 to 10 and you really want to turn back you have one month to recall previous installation. Simply go under settings, backup/restore and select to return to 8.1

Not if you do a clean install, the only way back now as MS said is to have Asus install the 8.1 they use at there company, before some brands use to include a spare copy when buying a PC now usually it takes about 4 disk to have windows copy so they stooped shipping the W disk.

Noel wrote:
Not if you do a clean install, the only way back now as MS said is to have Asus install the 8.1 they use at there company, before some brands use to include a spare copy when buying a PC now usually it takes about 4 disk to have windows copy so they stooped shipping the W disk.

it's "true" only due to a Microsoft restriction that interdict OEM iso to final user (they are easily crckableand can be modified for further illegal bundled iso's) so asus technician can't tell you that they have iso to do this but can't send it to you.

Level 12
Regardless if the model is different, if you searched the forum first then you would see there are quite a few similar topics already so let's try to keep the forum database well refined to not have endless topics with similar issues. Always ask in existing threads and majority of time you'll receive help from the community.