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please help me . G75VX i want to buy new SSD and i dont know how to save my WIN8

Level 7
please help me . G75VX i want to buy new SSD and i dont know how to save my WIN8

i bought this Laptop with original copy of WIN 8 inside it
and i dont have the serial and i want to buy new SSD (today i have 5400 1TB)
but i dont know how can i install again original WIN 8 on the SSD

i know i can download some cracked version
but i bought original so i want to keep it on my SSD

how can i use \ transfer \ install original WIN 8 on my SSD ?

sry for my poor english 😕


Level 14
1. Download Asus Backtracker and create a factory restore set.
A. Go to Asus Support Download for your NB and Win 8 and 8.1 and download all the newest drivers
2. You can use this factory restore set to restore to your new SSD.
3. You can use Macurium Reflect to clone your HD to your new SSD
4. The best way is to clean install Win 8.1 to your new SSD and then install all your programs again.

Should you choose to clean install see this thread for the sequence of installing the drivers first thing after installing the OS after all these drivers are install then run MS update and then install your software.

This thread from the eightforums shows several ways to download a win 8 or 8.1 iso to create a media to clean install
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