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Personal Color Profile for the Chi Mei 173HGE

Level 8
hi, I’m a photographer, I don’t really like the Chi Mei 173HGE but now I don’t have enough money to change it so I decide to profile the screen with a i1 x-rite profiler, and I just want to share the profile.

to download the profile just click de link

6500k White point: (more warm color, for printing is the best.)

The Red line is Adobe RGB

7500k white point: (more cool color)

The Red line is Adobe RGB

I, Update the links and the profiles i hope you like.

I noticed at first a yellowish-redish hue, but once you follow the steps posted above to install the profile and then proceed to go through the "Calibrate my display" option then if you play with the calibration settings a bit you will get rid of the color offset and enjoy his work. I noticed colors on my desktop became much more correct looking and even saw some background menu pattern colors I never knew were there before.

Level 8
hi, maybe some people feel a little warm, other profiles are too blue, the one i made is the more grey neutral for work, i will make an other a little more cool for gamers 🙂

for the people having problems in games with the color profile try this program:

this one mantein the selected profile in a lot of games.

Level 8
i think more people would like this color profile 🙂

7500k white point:

Level 8
Man you really went above and beyond. Not just one great contribution but two! Thanks so much.

Level 7
Wow this is amazing, exactly what I was looking for! No more weird blue tint on display. May I ask what program you have used to set these color offsets? And perhaps the program for the graph? I've always wondered what was used 😄

Also, is it possible to edit the color profiles you have put, since each individual screen is inherently different?

Level 8
for the graph i use a program call ColorThink, and for the profile i use a i1 Profiler.

thanks for this loomitz.

It seemed to help remove the color cast from the panel.

I wonder what you have your brightness set to?

I've got mine set to slightly over 50% in a fairly dark room, and it looks pretty good, but it would be nice to calibrate it a norm.

Level 8
I assume this applies only for people with Chi Mei 173HGE panel on their Asus G750. So if you don't have this panel, don't bother. Also, going via an external monitor means the same thing. Don't.

Level 7
Thanks so much Loomitz...
I run adobe PP CC and Photoshop CC, would one of these profiles work for this. I need true color, or at least a color setup that will match my imac 😕 I have i1 pro but what the display is ie..white led, rgb led, ccfl ect and the luminence and white point? I click your profile links and a get a can't connect message. 😞 Thanks so much for your time with this! btw I'm not a gamer just for work...also Win 8

Much Love,

Level 9
How do I know which screen do I have? Mine is the G750JX with a 3D/ Glossy Screen 120 Hz
CPU: i7-4700HQ @ 2.40 GHz.
Memory: 32 GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Hynix RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 770M 3 GB GDDR5 RAM
Storage: 256 GB LiteOn LCM-256M3S SSD + 1 TB Seagate Momentus ST1000LM024 5400 RPM HDD
Screen: 17.3" Full HD 3D Glossy Screen
Router: ASUS RT-AC68U
OS: Windows 7 Professional (x64)
Security: Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus for PC Gamers