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Performance issues

Level 7
So yeah, i have a asus g74Sx that performs like crap all of the sudden, ive had this laptop for around 2-3 years now and its been great but suddenly its been having performance issues. Like before i could run most games at a stable 60FPS, for example skyrim, easy 60 FPS on HIGH settings, but now the framerates keep jumping like crazy, it can go from 60 and all the way down to 10, even in CS: GO i cant get my FPS higher than 25 on medium settings. I tried to use the razer game booster but that didnt really help either. My fans run just as they should, never cleaned em because im not sure how to do that on a laptop. None of my HDDs are filled up so i got a good ammount of space left.

So my question is: Does anyone know what the reason might be? Any known issues?

Level 18
Halvizzle .. Welcome to ROG.

Cleaning is a real good idea. Compressed air and a vacuum is what I would use.
[it has been brought up that vacuum could be a 'static nightmare' .. but I don't see it.]
There are videos on YouTube for getting serious and taking it apart if you take a notion.
It could be time for a good cleaning and re-pasting -- do you watch the temps ?

If you have had the computer 'for years' and haven't done a refresh of the OS, this would be
a great idea as well .. as it is probably loaded with all kinds of junk.
If this is distasteful to you there are a few easy 'clean ups' you could consider.
1.MsConfig-Startup tab-uncheck Everything that isn't absolutely essential.
2.Windows/Temp-- ctrl+A - delete
3.First you have to be able to see these:so go to
[windows explorer-organize(win7)-folders and search options-view-check, show hidden folders,files,drives-close.]
close and re open windows explorer-C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Local\Temp- inside folder ctrl+A- delete- close.
restart and see if this does any good. Nothing beats a fresh OS though.

Best of Luck. Keep us 'posted'.c.

Thank you for replying, i will try to clean up my OS and see if it helps.

tried cleaning up my pc and uninstalling junk that i dont need. Didnt really do anything

Tried to use Throttlestop as Tullios link said. No improvements their either.

Atm i cant refresh my OS because i dont have anything to make a backup with.

If anyone else have any ideas of how to improve the framerates on my laptop, please post it.