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Overclocking G75VW-BBK5 w/GTX 660m

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Hi everyone, I am making this thread to share everybody's experience on overclocking the GTX 660m.

I have the G75VW-BBK5 (Best Buy version) and I am more than pleased to tell you that I have reached +135 on the core and +350 on the memory clocks. I did not push the memory any further since I did not wanted it to overheat. The clock is maxed out with +135, I can not push it further, EVGA Precision did not let me go beyond that point. So far it hit only 68 C which is by no mean a terrible temperature. I made the test and taking out the bottom cover so that air can flow directly into fans and GPU temps did not hit 65 C... IMAGINE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH NO BOTTOM COVER AND A COOLING PAD !!

The moment of truth was 3DMark Vantage where I WAS ABLE TO MAKE 13900 !! This thing overclocks like a beast.

Just thnx for your time in reading this, and leave your experience too !
G75VW-BBK5 / i7 3610QM / 8GB RAM / OCZ Agility 3 SSD 120GB / GTX 660M
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srmojuze wrote:
Lovin my G55. Just got it, I am soooo glad I got a ROG laptop, my first ROG product. Been seeing ROG around for several years and finally pulled the trigger on one.

So anyways G55 660M overclocks. Got 1200 clock and 500 mem. I'll try to push it to 1250 clock and drop mem to 350 to see what happens, still tweaking, nonetheless these are some ~BEASTLY~ overclocks. Well done Asus ROG.

CPU is just pushed slightly with bus speed to 105mhz. Will report back. Great thread and Hi Everyone.

did you test it on playing games?whenever I put it to +500 mem, I always get crashes and black screen.

trieuan10 wrote:
did you test it on playing games?whenever I put it to +500 mem, I always get crashes and black screen.

Ha Ha... Yeah with benchmarks maybe they don't test the VRAM that much? Furmark shows only mem load 11%.

With Hawken, playing last night, I had to set it to a more conservative 1085mhz core, 2700 mem. +250 mem causes crashes. So +200 mem is just nice.

On Windows 8 though, the driver just resets, and I can continue playing (have to run the nvinspector bat file to re-overclock after a crash). This is with Hawken.

Surprisingly, FurMark and so on are ok at 1200mhz core, ~3000mhz mem. I think because the VRAM is not tested much.

I think depending on the game I might put it at 1050mhz core, 2700mhz mem. My VRAM in games seems to be a little sensitive, but again I haven't tested it in any other games, just Hawken and Furmark, etc.

In any case +200mhz VRAM is a pretty good overclock. Might depend on ambient temperatures as well.

And core clock from 835mhz to 1085... 250mhz overclock on a laptop! That is still really amazing.

Maybe depending on the game the most stable setting is 100-200mhz more on the core and 100-200mhz more on the VRAM.

Also the CPU definitely works much more so you have lots more heat playing games than say Furmark.

When I run P95 as well as Furmark (yes hoping it doesn't blow up here :)) GPU goes from 70degC stable to now 79decC and rising slightly. CPU at 90degC temps.

So playing a game at these settings with GPU and CPU hitting 80-90degC temps is very, very aggressive. Let alone then seeing stability in games, drivers etc.

But of course for bragging rights saying you can run Furmark with +365mhz GPU core, +500mhz GPU MEM, +150mhz CPU core (3.2ghz max turbo to 3.35ghz) is... fun.

As some people have mentioned, if you take off the bottom cover and use a laptop cooler, keeping temps below 70degC, then it may be possible to have more stability.

It should be noted that ASUS already put in 2500mhz DDR5 VRAM which is much faster than the Nvidia-specified 2000mhz VRAM, so despite the 128-bit bus width, if you're running 2700mhz DDR5 VRAM, that's quite a lot of bandwidth, in fact, not that far behind the GTX 680M at 115.2GB/s ~ at 2700mhz the GTX 660M is doing 2*128*2700/8 = 86.4 GB/s and nicely ahead of Nvidia-spec'ed GTX 660M's 64.0 GB/s.

BTW. Hawken .INI tweaks... It looks AMAZING on GTX 660M overclocked. That 200 or so mhz does help. Will share this sometime on another thread.

Hi all, quick update. With Hawken last night, I was able to go several rounds on GTX 660M core 1085mhz, vram 2700mhz. The few times it crashed was because I was constantly Alt-Tabbing to edit the Hawken ini settings to tweak the graphics. I found something really useful for Hawken settings, especially Prosk map which is really hard on frame rates.

Level 7
I tested some different settings now..

+80 clock and +150 memory is not possible for me...crashing everytime after i play a few minutes

The only possible settings are +20 Clock and +80 memory...

I dont know what is the problem -.-

Level 10
I am sorry for writing to an 660m thread with 670MX on board.

Trying to run Nvidia Inspectur but it shows unhandled error JIT and lots of information. Anyway I tried to run the batch commands for my GTX 670MX and they worked in a way so I was able to push it to 800 MHz on the core.

Can anyone guide me how to properly set the batch commands, the P states forcing as well as whether the batch commands leave permanent mark in the bios or with every restart they go to default?

Thank you.

Ah, nevermind, I followed the link related to the Nvidia Inspector and realized that in my case it is not worth the trouble. Even at 800 Unigine Heaven freezes. I am going to stick to +135 for the moment until I figure out whether it is possible to be playing with the voltage.

Level 9
+ tesselation

nvidiaInspector.exe -setVoltageOffset:0,0,0 -setGpuClock:0,2,1200 -setMemoryClock:0,2,2750 -forcepstate:0,0

tauproxy wrote:
+ tesselation

nvidiaInspector.exe -setVoltageOffset:0,0,0 -setGpuClock:0,2,1200 -setMemoryClock:0,2,2750 -forcepstate:0,0

Very nice! I have increased -setGpuClock to 1230 and it's still worked perfect and stably. Thanks bro

Level 7
How Do You Overclock a G75VW CPU/GPU?

Also is it possible to upgrade the CPU I have a i7 3610QM @ 3.30Ghz & Would like to Upgrade to an i7/i9 3.60Ghz or Higher Processor.
or is there a Forum already devoted to CPU Upgrades?


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There is not any i9 invented yet! But you can try if you can 😄 And about the upgrade: your current system is using a 45W CPU (the i7 3610QM), It is possible to upgrade, but only with a processor that uses the same power, otherwise you risk having a PSU meltdown 🙂

Level 7
I overclocked the 660m also, i went from playing crysis 3 on half the settings on medium and high, to being able to play at very high medium shading, fxaa antialiasing. im getting 30 + frames per second now, i havent seen it go below 30, so the game is very playable now, and i did a pretty conservative overclock on it also. im running a g46vw, 8 gb of ram, i5 cpu, gtx660m, and a 180gb solid state drive.