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overclocking doubt

Level 7
Hello, i wanted to know if it is safe to only overclock when i'm about to game. i mean, is better for the gpu? o do i have to let oc all time?

can i go from my standard clocks to the full oc in one step? or do i have to go to the max oc little by little?

I've recently oc an gtx 460m to this:

core 810 MHz
shader 1620 MHz
memory 1470 MHz

is this OK? when i put the memory i little bit further is start to make white spots in the monitor.

what do you think? what is your oc config?

here is my score with heaven benchmark17917

is it ok?

thanks in advance!

Level 40
You can leave it on all the time, the way that graphic cards work is that they default to 2D and low frequency when not used. Only when they are used will they ramp up to 3D and higher frequency.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

but it doesn't shortens my gpu life? I've read that overclocking shortens life of the device, in this case the gpu

and is that score of heaven fine?