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Overclocking 2 cores of G751JT

Level 7
Hello Rogers,

I want to ask you if its ok to overclock only 2 of the cores so here is what i want and why.

I want to play a old game which uses only 1-2 cores(no sure :D) but my cpu is kinda bottlenecking so i want to overclock 1 and 2 core and underclock 3 and 4 core to reduce the heat and undervolt some stuff if needed my goal is to get 4GHz turbo boosted speed. I want to know your opinion and also the risks.

Something like this...


Level 7
111 reference clock? very impressive...

No 😄 this is just showing what im about to do those settings are not applied. Is it too much ?

Level 7
please read carefull before do oc! youre about to changing reference too much its unusefull to do that! oc 1or 2 core only possible when you tell your os only use 2 cores by msconfig but i think its alos unusefull!
u know the game try and error? its unusefull with this machines i think...bye

Its easy with ThrottleStop. Just check the latest threads in here you have a guide of how to use it. If you have a HK Cpu it should be fairly easy. 😉 Just keep those temps under control.

to do that make the try and errorgame...or belive what u want maybe im wrong

Why use only 2 cores? He can use 2 @4ghz and set 3 and 4 cores to be @3ghz, for exemple. Not really a problem like you say. 😉 Just use the right tools for the job. It dors not make any sense to disable 2 cores!

what im say its useless... he think he is bottlenecking and should use the same bottleneck with other tool? ive thought he will oc 2 cores!

i wouldnt disable another cores just underclock em a bit to reduce heat. like miguel pereira i want to use 2 cores at 4ghz and 2 at 3ghz

PS: But before i do that i will open the laptop and clean the fans and maybe change the thermal paste(i would like to hear recommendations which one to use)

Level 7
what is easy? to set the system to use only two cores oced instead 4? sorry cant follow you! he will use only two cores...