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Overclocked my G751JT 60 HZ IPS Panel to 100HZ Refresh Rate = EPIC WIN

Level 8
I overclocked my 60 HZ IPS Panel in my G751JT To 100 HZ
And the result it Looks SO SMOOTH and has NO Tearing in Games

Mouse movement looks spectacular compared to 60 HZ Only.
Haven't Seen Any Issues such as Ghosting or what so ever, I enjoy surfing facebook and websites and the fantastic mouse movement with 100 HZ.

Any 1 here tried overclocking their IPS Panel and noticed incredible difference?

aeolisio wrote:
We have had 2 panels that were OCed to 100 fail within a few months of use so just be aware it can happen.

I don't see any indication of failure thought never once found a strange behavior running 100 HZ. In fact it looks spectacular playing FPS games from range 70-100 FPS.

If I do find any issues I will send it to Asus, right now no thing. I would love to know what kind of failure occurred while doing so.

In fact Metro Last light at 70-100 FPS and Far Cry at 70-100 FPS Is Spectacular with IPS Panel and no tearing.
It changed the way I look at First person shooters.

And That might depend from Model to Model I have the T7 Model (the newer JT/JY Versions maybe had different panels?) Those perhaps have more durable panels to overclocking.

Level 8
I've put my panel to 100Hz to test it. It's spectacular as you said.

Level 10
It differs from screen to screen, keep that in mind. They're meant to work at 60Hz and they do, anything above that can't be guaranteed.

Level 7
Hi I am wondering I just got my G751JT overclocked to 100Hz but I have problem with some games that does not have refresh rate option (like Dota 2).

It will only use 75Hz instead of 100Hz. Tried FPS_Max but it is irrelevant as it is a setting for game engine fps not the monitor refresh rate.