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Optimus switchable GPU question

Level 7
is this technology supposed to automatically switch to your discrete gpu when using intense gpu consuming programs?

Because whenever I launch a direct x 9(haven't tested x11) game, it just opens it as hd4000. I usually have to go to nvida control panel and have to add the exe and select preferred gpu to 660m GTX in order for it to utilize the correct GPU.

Is this a normal process or is the Optimus supposed to do that for me?

I just downloaded the driver and the update utility via custom download. I didn't think I'd need the 3d technology or the nvidia audio.. if that makes any difference.

Level 8
Which G-series Notebook do you have currently? Optimus switches GPU to internal CPU graphic. for power efficiency and as well for quieter fan (lower heat output). Usually Optimus only triggers when a program goes Full screen mode, or a DirectX is detected ( I think )

some times, few games will somehow still use HD 4000, you will probably have to manually assign it to GPU via NVidia control panel like you've done..So technically yes it's normal. Nvidia is still optimizing Optimus with certain games. make sure you keep your NVidia updated too. and also if you're launching a game, make sure your on full screen mode. because if your on full window mode, or window mode. it won't switch to GPU (happened to my friend on his alienware R4 many times)