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Opinion on G56jr

Level 7
Hello Everyone.

I am in the process of selecting a new laptop for use on the road.

I have looked at various makes and I think I have settled on choosing an Asus.

A friend of mine has the G750 with all the bells and whistles and I have to say it is a beast of a machine.
The only problem with it is portability. As I travel to client sites a lot, I think the sheer size / weight would be
too much.

They have recently launched the G56jr here in the UK over the past few weeks. However, there are no real reviews out
there, certainly not from an English source.

From what I have read, the sound system is superb, as is the IPS panel.

Can anyone comment on the Keyboard / Mouse compared with the G750 ? Is it as good / better / worse ?

Is it easy to put an SSD in the machine and does it only accept one disk or multiples like the G750?

Are there any negatives I should be aware of ?

I would appreciate anyone's input.


Level 7
What other similar 15.6" options do you have? Is the G550 available over there?

I cannot make a direct comparison with the G750, but the keyboard is very good on the G56JR, assuming that you can live with the directional keys eating into the right Shift, Control, and the number pad. (Nice feedback and negligible flex are great.)

The mouse is of the single-piece clickpad variety - that'd make good for normal laptop use, but you're way better off with an actual mouse if you're playing games.

You can easily replace the system drive with an SSD - follow the instructions in the manual. There's only one drive bay unless you're thinking of yanking out the optical drive.

I would strongly suggest that you evaluate similar systems from Asus themselves just in case you may have missed anything. Do note that the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M is an older part and won't have Battery Boost that comes with the GTX 800M series, though if you're comparing the 760M with the 850M, be careful - some 850Ms use DDR3 memory.

Level 7
The options I have are the G56 or an msi based machine. The G550 is not available as yet.. What does the G550 have over the G56 ?

To be honest, I don't really play games.. However. I do need a machine with grunt, as I do web development / application development, watch blu-rays on the go etc.

I am not convinced by the MSI offerings, whereas the ASUS kit seems to look the business.

As I said previously, I have tried a G750 and thought it was really good. It's a shame it is just not more portable, as I would have one now.

Level 7
I ordered mine today with a replacement SSD. I thought it had two HD bays though, but I will just use the one it shipped with as an external then.

I could get the Lenovo Y510 (which is spec'ed the same) for cheaper but the whole look of this laptop just appealled to me. I have seen people complain about the GTX 760M, but it should play all my current games on ultra without a problem, so I am fine with it.

Just make sure you get the one with the blue ray then, because I am getting the multi layer DVD writer as the new stock was bundled like that.

I just hope it looks as good in real life than it looks on the website. I will let you know how it performs once I get it.

Level 7
I own a G56JR and overall I am satisfied with the laptop.
The screen and audio are excellent, better than the Lenovo y510p. Also the touchpad on the Lenovo is very bad, on the G56 hover it is average. The keyboards on both laptops are different but are pretty good.

It is definitely not a high eng gaming laptop but it will run the most popular games with no problems:
League of Legends (1920x1080 / very high around 100fps)
Dota2 (1920x1080 / very high hit the 60fps vsync limit)
CS:GO (I dont play on very high so I can tell you about medium resolution with medium setting it is easily getting 200fps)
However Crysis 3 was only playable on very low settings.

Other thing I hate is the locked drivers from ASUS. I cannot install nvidia latest drivers as the graphic card driver must receive updates directly from Asus.

Anyway, if you are casual gamer with equal focus on multimedia/work this is a perfect fit. However if you play a lot of video games I recommend you buy more expensive laptop (or even better a desktop machine 🙂 )

akakorun wrote:
Dota2 (1920x1080 / very high hit the 60fps vsync limit)

So you run everything on and everything on highest settings?

This is basically the only game I would want to play.

FerNZA wrote:
So you run everything on and everything on highest settings?

This is basically the only game I would want to play.

I want to note that I don't actually play Dota2 so I just tested the fps with bot games. I haven't actually played a normal match but I suspect that there will be any difference in fps between the modes.

Here are two screenshots. There aren't any fps drops when laning or fighting 1 v 1, but I haven't had a teamfight to confirm you on that one (still talking about fullHD/high settings)

Level 7
How does the mouse pad / keyboard compare with the G750 ?

As i am more of a user than a gamer, the Keyboard / mouse performance is more important to me.

Would you say the G56 keyboard / mouse are on a par with the G750 or is the latter better?

Level 7
The touchpad is really fluent and responsive to use. The laptop comes with Asus SmartGesture software, which you can turn on/off multitouch features. You can also click down on the surface. The most useful is scrolling with 2 fingers, which scrolls web pages better & faster than a mouse wheel, tap with 2 fingers to perform right-click, and 3-finger swipe-down to show desktop, just like Windows Logo+D. The click-pad IS loud, but you can almost click/drag anything without clicking the pad down.
The keyboard, it's really fast to type on. I don't have issues with the Right-Shift because I never use that one. It has good spacing, has a numpad which I use at log-in all the time, and arrow keys are decent and are not compromised like other keyboards. However, the right-CTRL key is long, it has the same length as the backspace key, and the Num_0 key is compromized due to merging the arrow keys in. Now, the only issue I've always had with this keyboard from a big-hand user, is that damn Caps Lock key! I press that button few times a day with accident, which can be sometimes annoying.

Now, the backlit is really cool, but not on all aspects. I wish the red letters on the keyboard would've been brighter, because it's not so clear especially when backlit is off.

Overall, the keyboard buttons and touchpad is well made. I love that touchpad!
Owner of an Asus G56JR