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Open box G75VX didn't come with recovery media, can I make some?

Level 7
I got a killer deal on an open box G75VX ($816), but it didn't come with any recovery media. Now, I have the sort of luck that if I don't have a recovery disk, my computer will inevitably crash, but if I do have it, I could probably use this laptop for 10 years and not need to recover it. So, is there any way for me to make recovery media? I didn't see a recovery partition on the hard drive. Or do I need to buy it from ASUS?

Level 14
Yes download Asus Backtracker and create a USB recovery media. This will only work if you have a recovery partition to build the Recovery media with.
If you don't have a recovery partition chances are that someone Clean Installed it. It that case you'll need to locate a Win 8 IS0 or any Win 8 standard disk and download the needed driver from Asus download for you model and OS. This thread will guide you through the set up for a clean install.
Also you can create a back up through Windows Back up. Or other aftermarket back up software. Macrium ReflectSeems to be the best dealing with UEIF GPT Disk. Acronis claims to be compliant with UEIF GPT however I think there disk back ups will only restore partitions it can't actually restore a disk completely?
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