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Only 16GB RAM on the G 75VW BBK5??? Why???

Level 7
What is the limiting factor on the G75VW BBK5 (Best Buy) for RAM? Apparently these machines can only handle 16gb of RAM????? Why?? Is the 670m a better card than the 660m? Can I upgrade it on this machine if so?

Level 9
The best buy versions are always crippled in some way. I had a G60JX best buy version and they stuck one ram slot where the second hard drive bay was just so you couldn't add a second hard drive onto the PC.
G55VW-DS71 - i7 3610QM - 16gb DDR3 1600mhz - 128gb SSD - GTX 660M 2gb

Level 13
@Skelator, no, the limiting factor is actually price. (i just noticed ASUS has changed their qualified maximum ram limit to 32gb for g55/g75)

you can do a full swap to 32gb if you really want to (perhaps the safer route is to ask authorized reseller to do that for you to avoid breach of warranty).

from what i've read, 670m has more room to perform (but hotter). some friends here told us it's possible to upgrade but it might be cost prohibitive.

Level 11
And fact is gaming you wont use more then 8gigs of ram. You wont even come close to maxing it out unless your using cad, photoshop or some 3D modeling software. This is why 90% of the gaming systems enthusiast build are running 8 gigs of ram. Only reason my main system is running 64gigs is because its a sandy bridge e system and im running a 64gig ramdisk.

Now i'll add the GTX 670m is faster at stock clocks and if you get a good one it can oc pretty nice but a GTX 660m can run it down pretty fast and has no problem running 1100 on the core mine maxed out just over 1300 with no volt mods and my load temps were under 82c.

You can upgrade to the GTX 670m but just a heads up it is not worth the price and it must be a Asus card as it is reverse mxm. You will also need a new heatsink for it. Or you can upgrade to a much better and faster GTX 670MX it will also need a new heatsink that fits and only a GTX 670MX from Asus will fit. I have not tested the production version of the card but a while back i did test a engineering sample in a VW from best buy so they may have changed something in the production version. If you want i can slap it in a guys VW and test it out i gotta rip the VX apart to change some thermal paste so i'll have the card out.

Level 8
It depends on the build of the laptop and the operating system. I have a G55 with 32GB of RAM.

Level 9
memory spec on asus support site.
DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM, 4 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 32 GB SDRAM

Level 17
Skelator wrote:
What is the limiting factor on the G75VW BBK5 (Best Buy) for RAM? Apparently these machines can only handle 16gb of RAM????? Why?? Is the 670m a better card than the 660m? Can I upgrade it on this machine if so?

Don't worry, BestBuy guys don't know what they are talking about, from what I have experienced. My G53SX (an older laptop) supports 16 GB officially, and 32 GB based upon some people's after-market upgrades. It (likely) may be that BestBuy has not listed the laptop properly. The 670M is a better card, and you cannot upgrade it. 😞 However, if you aren't a hard-core gamer, the 660M gives you better battery life, lower temps, and quieter operation. Just something to consider! 🙂
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Level 7
i had 24gb running a hour out of the box
Asus G75VW-BBK , 24GB , 2x256GB SSD , everything else stock

Level 7
I've maxed out the 16gb in my G75... Don't run disk check while logged in, it makes everything very very slow.

Level 9
I added 8GB to my Best Buy unit. The BB G75 is only different with a lower resolution webcam, cheaper wifi card that can't do 40Mhz channel bonding and the lame 5400 RPM 1TB hard drive.

I don't think I will ever need more memory but i did have Windows Server 2012 running in 4 GB virtual machine this morning!