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one simple question to guys from asus?

Level 7
i have got one simple question to the guys from asus ?? why they dont care to refresh the drivers list from the asus official website??? everything over there is almost or over 1 year old ..... they always say that it takes a long time to test the drivers to be fully compatible ....ok i understand few months but sorryy one year or over it slightly said to much.... ive got g75vw and windows 7 and the drivers posted on there site its ancient so could you do something about this because this computer cost a lot of money so its supoosed to be with the full technical service all the time not only one month after release tp get the best from the machine.....i hope that asus will do something about this if not the whole company is not worth of buying anything from its assortiment...and thats all i wanted to say see yaaa;)

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Yeah, just don't want to cause you any problems or give you any headaches, etc.
It would be great if our unapproved drivers (and approved?) mentioned what was fixed to help you decide if it's even worth trying, otherwise, we can't be sure really that they are any better or are worth the risk to try.

You probably shouldn't listen to me too much more about this since I tend to worry a lot and will always wonder if any problems that are showing up later are related to that unapproved driver, etc. especially when other people don't see the same problem.
The good thing about with sticking with the approved drivers is that if there is a problem with any of them, there will probably be other people experiencing the same problems, so it's a good point of reference for troubleshooting.