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ok im done with ASUS - last questions regarding my G751jy battery

Level 8
I purchased an ASUS G751jy a couple years ago, and i learned really quickly that this is a terrible company that doesnt deserve anyones business. Not only did i have multiple problems and a dead pixel upon arrival but they also replaced my original laptop with a dirty, gunky pos case during its first trip to the RMA. anyone employed by them should be ashamed of themselves and looking for a new job

anyways - my latest problem is due to the fact that these geniuses decided to MAKE THE BATTERY INTERNAL on this model of notebooks. My battery is probably dead - its stuck on '0% and Charging' but its not taking a charge. I tried resetting it by holding the power button, i tried everything i found online because apparently they have a track record for crappy batteries. Nothing works and my laptop needs to always be hooked up to the AC to turn on


1- Can a normal repair shop replace the battery for me? Im not sending it to RMA - im not letting those idiots near my laptop ever again

2- What type of battery does it need and where can i buy it?

3- how much will it cost?

4- if i choose to do nothing about the battery and just run the notebook off AC forever, will that create a problem?

Thanks guys, my anger is not directed at any posters here - its directed to an incompetent company that sells overpriced crap and backs it up with third rate service.

Level 10
I've just googled the model you provided and this came up, is this what you need ?

ninezerofive wrote:
I've just googled the model you provided and this came up, is this what you need ?

wow thank you very much. i live in the USA but im assuming i have to buy this battery and take it to a repair shop - or would most repair shops have it in stock?

sorry ive never dealt for a company that makes such a craptacular product before. i cant believe they wont even let you remove the battery easily. =(

What would I recommend you to do is to write down your laptop name, then open that web page I linked and write down the part numbers for the battery. And if the repair shop is good enough they will source the battery themselves and then call you in when it arrive and change it for you.

Level 8
ok thanks

do you think i can just run with AC power from here on out? ill probably get a better notebook in a year or so - if running on AC wont do any harm (hardware or performance wise) then ill just stick to keep this piece of crap plugged in (the better light blinks but i dont care about that)

thanks for your help

When using laptops at home for extended periods of time I usually take the battery out and run it from AC, now I am no expert but I think that helps to extended battery life in the first place, since it's not constantly charging. Actually that might be one of the reasons your died.

P.S. I know ASUS is trying to push their gaming laptops at the moment, but I think it's more reasonable to get a small thin ultrabook for everyday needs and a PC at home for gaming. Personally I would never buy a gaming laptop.

Level 7
Hi mc858! I had the same problem almost 2 years ago. I bought a new battery from, but they don't have any anymore. This product is the original battery, but any aftermarket battery will be fine.

Just running it from AC is fine, I was doing it for weeks maybe and no damage was done. My only problem was as you also might have experienced, the power cable can slip out quite easily, but other than that, don't worry about it.

Also I was changing the battery for myself. It's quite a disassembling process, since you basically has to remove everything, even the hinge to get access to the internal battery... but can be done and then put it together in an hour or so, don't rush it. You can find instructions on how to do it on YouTube.

Level 12
Yep, I changed my own battery too. You tube it. Go slow. Be careful. Keep your screws and parts organized. Very doable at home.

Level 7
THis place has G751? battery.

For whats its worth I had all problems described above with my G751JT. For years I muddled through until battery pack went completely dead.
I mustered up courage and bought a new battery off Amazon, found the utube video where the guys replaces battery on G751. I followed his steps and I now have a fresh battery and its like a new computer to me. No more worries about all the flashing lights.

BTW I took the old battery pack apart to see if any of the 18561 batteries were good. I tested them all and though old and low on capacity they were all still good and probably were not the cause of failure. I attribute failure of this pack to the BMS, battery management system board that is in the pack, which controls the charging and balance of the 8 / 18650 LIPo batteries. These circuit boards are the weakness IMHO.