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Official ASUS Statement on ROG 752 4K Availability? (i.e. Take my money!)

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Most recent media reports on the ROG 752 read like:

ASUS’ Outrageous ROG G752 Gaming Notebook Crams In 17-Inch 4K Display, Skylake, And GTX 980M
IFA 2015: ASUS Introduces ROG G752 Gaming Notebook with 4K and Skylake
"The G752 gaming laptop .... boasts a 4K IPS display"

However, recently the ASUS website has stopped listing 4K as an option for any 752 model, and in this recent forum thread, a user claims 4K won't be on the 752.

Can ASUS make an official statement on 4K availability for the 752?

Like the user who originally posted the earlier thread, I'm looking for a replacement for an old 17" model that has better than FHD resolution. It's to be a desktop replacement for development, design and occasional gaming. Gaming-class laptops are usually worth the extra money for this purpose and screen resolution is an essential requirement.

The 4K panels just came out and early scarcity is to be expected. Currently, Lenovo and Dell (and Alienware) are shipping laptops with 4k 17" panels, and MSI still lists it as a planned option for their GT72 laptop.

I'd prefer to buy from ASUS because of brand loyalty and their reputation for quality. It's worth both extra money and a wait if it's eveventually available. (I'm not terribly interested in the water-cooled 700. I want a portable dev machine, not a science experiment.) If ASUS doesn't plan to release a 4K 752, MSI's offering should be good, once it's out. The Alienware offering doesn't look too bad, but I'm a little wary of it post Dell purchase, and there's clear problems with the Lenovo one.

Can anyone from ASUS provide an official statement on plans for the 4K 17" 752 laptop? Do they read or respond to these forums? Make it and I'll buy it! If it's just a matter of waiting for panels to become available, I'll wait, too.