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odd heating problem in g53sw, help!!

Level 7
Hello! i have a problem and neither me or the technician knows why its happening.

I have a g53sw, everything was working fine except the other day when my backpack (with my laptop in it) fell from a chair to the ground, (yeah yeah, i know, im a moron!) so i started up and worked just fine for like an hour, then it suddenly shut down, like it was a heating problem, i run a few stress test and the cpu reached like 95ºC wich is a lot, before the fall it reached 85ºC when stress tested, i disassembly my laptop and everything was fine, no chip broken, no cable broken no nothing, so the next thing i did was, to repaste the CPU, this helped a lot, i mean, now i could work fine as long as i dont overload the cpu. (before that if i open eclipse, a developer tool, it overheated and shutdown)

So i ran stress test again, and it stayed on for a little longer, but the overheating problem was still there. I took it to the technician, he did the same thing i did but he disassembly all of the pc, nothing was broken or moved, so he assambled the PC tested it, it was working fine... here comes the odd part for me (im no hardware expert nor something near that) When my laptops is working only with the battery, it works fine, the stress test only reached 86ºC, but when i plug the cable it start running hotter until it shutsdown.

pleaaaase, any help?? i dont know why is this happening, may be the cable? or the jack?

Sorry for my english, thanks in advance!

Sorry for not answering quickly, Today im going to pick up the PC from the technician, they said that the hardware was perfectly good. But my question is... Why this overheating problem came AFTER the fall?? i mean why is it possible to the system to fail after the fall? i dont understand..

Either way im going to upgrade BIOS. my fear is that the pc will shutdown when im doing this. any advice?

Level 7
It's not the charger, nor the charge system. When you plug it in, the GPU and the CPU are allowed to run at 100% performance. On battery, they're restricted. I have a G73 and when running on battery the CPU and GPU are crippled, so that's why you can't game well on battery. Odds are, your heat sink is damaged somehow. Inside the heat pipes is Ammonia Something Something, and if it get's out your cooler will work, but when you put load on it it will quickly become overwhelmed.
Ask the Techs if they can swap a cooler on it, see if that helps.
I repeat, your charger, jack, and battery are likely fine.

Thanks TeRmInAsHuNaToR, the technician examined the pipe with magnifying glass and found nothing. this weekend i'm going to upgrade the bios and see if that helps.and if it doesn't then i'm going to replace the pipes and the jack just to be extremely sure that is not that.

I could almost bet money something is wrong with the pipes, though 🙂

I hope you are right!! that would cost me around 20 us dollars, used of course, living in Argentina makes it very difficult to purchase computer parts that have to be brought from other country! if i came up with anything new i will let you know!

TeRmInAsHuNaToR wrote:
I could almost bet money something is wrong with the pipes, though 🙂

TeRmInAsHuNaToR, i've run tests on the pc, i've turn on the pc and stress the cpu and i puted a thermometer and measured the temps, my cpu was at 90 dgrs and my pipe, near the hetsink was at 34, then seeing this i dissasembly the pipe from the motherboard and tested manually, i read on the internet that if you put half the pipe in boiling water, the pipe should burn your hand in matter of second, i did that test and the water was at 95°C and the pipe only got 60°C that's a pretty big difference, so now i will buy a new heatpipe.

bye the way i also tested the GPU pipe and the difference of °C was like 10°C or less, so i guess that 35°C of difference must be wrong.

when i get the new part i will update this thread!

I ripped apart my G73 Sw last night. Would have been smart if I had known this back then, while the rig was apart!
My cooling is working okay as it is, but that would have been a good opportunity.

Level 7
Update on the test I've been doing.
First: i've disassemble the pc and turn it on to see the fan speed if it is working or not (both worked fine)
second: check adapter Volt and Amp, both fine 19V and i dont remember the amps but they were fine
third: check temps with thermometer, tested on the GPU, the GPU CORE (according to gpu-z) as at 50ºC and the extreme of the heat pipe(near the sink) was at 40-45ºC, the same test to the CPU, the core (during stress) was at 60ºC(according to CPU-z) and going up but the heat pipe near the sink was at 34ºC and not going up. the difference in CPU was at least 30ºC while in the GPU was 10-5ºC difference.

so, i'm about to purchase the pipes, yeah i know, it took me forever, but that's because i send the laptop to other technician and he told me to change the motherboard, before i spend serious money on a motherboard i'm going to try with the pipes.

updating when the pipes get here! be alert!