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OC : base clock Offset and GPU tweak problem (g750jz)

Level 7
Hi everyone,

First of all, I'd like to inform you : english is not my usual language (I m french) so please don't be upset
if my sentences are a lil' bit ... weird. Still, I hope you'll understand my request.

I'm the owner of a rog gaming laptop (g750jz, gtx880m (4Gb), intel i7 4700hq). The fact is that I tried to OC both
my CPU and GPU with a relative sucess :

There is no problem with the CPU which's now OC to 3.6 Ghz (using intel ETU) but i'm facing to an anoying problem with
the GPU's OC (nvidia inspector/msi afternurn) . Like most of the forum members getting this laptop, i'd first fixed the base
clock offset to 1054Mhz (+100mhz).
As you know the base clock offset is "override" by the f****** GPU tweak software when its OC is on ( and finaly, only an
improvement of 30mhz ... yeepe). So to get around the problem, I desabled GPU tweak's OC
(and, automatically, full fans speed at the same time).

Miracle, the OC was achieved but no need to tell you there's an overheating prob without fans. So, i've downloaded an tried this soft
called Notebook fan control to replace GPU tweak (for the fans) and i found it worked well. But obviously it's not as effective as
GPU tweak 'cause on full speed the GPU fans are only running to 4000 tr/min for NBFN against 4500+ tr/min for GPU tweak. (wtf ?)

Therefore, the "cooling system" is not efficient enough with this OC method (i reach quickly 90° when gaming with "loud" games).
Unfortunately it's the farthest way i can go by my own.
Then I need a precious piece of advise from you, guys, so I can try to fix this problem.

I've seen some members's profiles with the same config as mine (especially navis995's) and I wonder how did they manage to
do their OC exceeding this problem (if they had it).

Thanks in advance for responding and sorry if a topic on that question has already been created (reading lot of pages in english
makes me feel tired).

EDIT : ok I m dumb, to fix the "problem", i just had to override the gpu tweak OC with my custom OC once the
full speed fans were on...