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Nvidia Driver & Overclocking help! (G750JX)

Level 7
I installed the Nvidia Geforce Experience and it helps to auto update.

However, I noticed that the latest driver I have is 311.83. From the main Nvidia website, the latest driver for gtx770m is v320.

Why doesn't the laptop update to v320? Is G750jx going to be stuck at 311.83 forever?

I have read a lot about people using overclocking programs.

How do I overclock? Are the programs for overclocking already in the laptop?

Is it safe to overclock? Will it decrease my laptop's life or cause serious issues?

Sorry for all the questions as this is my first gaming laptop and I am really lost. Thank you!

Level 7
i found a youtube guide that works perfect gives you a boost using gpu tweak with asus.and to the one that said hf overclocking it can handle lol.i made the memory max and it started acting screwy so i coldbooted back to my normal only change the gpu and memory but for this machine the youtube suggestion is 932/ gives at least a 20 percent increase and in this laptop that is good enough that i tried maxing the memory im afraid to go higher than this setting lol