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No Factory reset option ( to go back to windows 8.1)

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have an Asus G750JM. I've had it for a while now.

I like Windows 10. I upgraded to it, and have had it for a while now, probably a few days since release. I use to be able to go to the recovery options, and see a factory reset options back to 8.1, but now it's not there. Not a "Go Back to 8.1", but the factory reset option. It's not there, and apparently my "partition" was removed, as I looked up my question on google. Any help now? Just in case I go back to 8.1. Because it was much faster and overall better.

EDIT #1 - Also, yes, I have factory reset Windows 10 before no problem. Since the anniversary update, the option is now gone.

Level 14
Yes when you reset window 10 you probably wiped all the windows 8 partition etc. Normally on an upgrade from windows 8 to 10 you have 30 days to restore back to 8. If you didn't create an Image of that drive before upgrading to 10 you probably don't have a way back now with out purchasing a windows 8 since your 8 key has been upgraded to 10.
And no windows 8 is not faster than 10 your particular hardware configuration my have better drivers in 8 than 10 but not likely.
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