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No compatibility Asus g75vw t1040v with LaCie Minimus 3tb ?

Level 7
Hi everyone.

Just bought this desktop hdd, a 3tb's LaCie Minimus. It works fine but what is wrong is that It happens to unplug and replug - as if it started with a self reboot - and it does it all the time. * The disk is perfectly sane - hd tune and chkdsk say so - but it always disconnects itself and a second later it re-connects. This goes when it works and when it just does nothing. * I tried with a different energy supply and by suggestion of L's support I diskparted and formatted a second time the unit didn't work. Still it keeps on with disconnecting and re-connecting. The frequency is about once in ten minutes, with a top frequence of three times within a single minute! * Plugging it to a friend's laptop (usb 2.0) this problem never showed up. So I guess it's something about my g75. Anybody has any idea about what is possible to do to get rid of this issue?

Level 9
what is your OS Win7 or Win8, if Win 7, you are going to ASUS support to download USB 3.0 driver, if Win 8, i think it is bundle, also you can find the LaCie driver for Win 7 or WIn 8.

I have win7, updated to most recent. Yes I have USB 3.0's driver installed from Asus site. I'm starting to believe this happens only with this model of hdd. In fact it all was good with a 2tb's Seagate Expansion plugged in. Probably it's a matter of size (3tb vs 2tb). Still unfortunate purchase at the moment. What about updating bios to 222 do you think it might be useful?

Level 7

only 1 partition?
mbr or gpt formated drive?

From wikipedia:
MBR partition entries and the MBR boot code used in commercial operating systems, however, are limited to 32 bits. Therefore, the maximum disk size supported by the MBR partitioning scheme (without using non-standard methods) is limited to 2 TB. Consequently, a different partitioning scheme must be used for larger disks, as they have become widely available since 2010. The MBR partitioning scheme is therefore in the process of being superseded by the GUID partitioning scheme (GPT)


I set it as Gpt, greypigeon. In fact LaCie itself explains mbr vs gpt on its guide, so i followed it. Now I see the entire hdd space (2.72 tb) as one partition, like I need. It works very good, until it automatically disconnects from the laptop. 😞 Three days ago I opened a ticket with lacie support, maybe they know how to give me a solution. In the meantime I put my Minimus turned off on the table.