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No BIOS accessability and start up on G750-JH

Level 7

Hello everyone,

for some time, I am checking to get rid of the following problem on my ASUS G750-JH:

No matter what I do, once I switch on the computer, it shows the ROG logo for less than a second immediately after switching on. After that, the screen remains switched on but stays black and nothing happens. I do not receive a message to enter the BIOS and the system does not boot up. When I press the on/off button again, the computer switches off. When I switch it on again afterwards, exactly the same thing happens. If I hold down any function key or type it very quickly while switching on (in order to enter the bios), the same thing still happens.

I have replaced the hard drive, restored a backup to both an MS-DOS and a GPT partition and tried to start the computer afterwards, I have removed the DVD drive. I replaced the BIOS battery and I have removed it for about 5 minutes and repeatedly held the on/off button for about 30 seconds (I've read in a forum that you can perform a hard reset of the BIOS - I don't know if this is the correct procedure for this computer model). None of this has changed the error pattern described above. If I connect a monitor, it seems to be recognized (=LED on monitor says it has a signal), but it also shows only a black screen.

I have contacted ASUS support, who unfortunately could not help me either.

My questions at this point:

  • Is there anybody out there, who knows this error pattern and has a good idea what I can do to fix it?
    Does anybody know a method of performing a hard reset of the BIOS on this model that is different from the one I have described above?
  • Does anyone know if such an error pattern occurs if you do something wrong when tinkering with the computer during assembly (e.g. not connecting a cable correctly)?
  • Does anyone know whether this error pattern is a sure sign that something on the computer is irreparably faulty and no longer worth repairing?
  • Does anyone know of any other approaches that I could test, before I say goodbye to my beloved computer and send it to the eternal hunting grounds?
  • Is there a BIOS for this model that I could reflash and can I perform a reflash with the existing error pattern?

Thank you for any helpful feedback.

With best regards from Germany