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No Bass out from headphones? G75vw

Level 7
I was sitting there doing homework when I realized that the bass response from my laptop was ****...
I am on the 400 driver. I had tried the 600 but something about it was horrible, can't remember what, so I switched back.

So first I checked the EQ and winamp setting and everything was normal. tried using VLC to play it with flat EQ and it still sounded like crap.

Maybe it was my headphones?
I tried plugging them into my desktop and phone. Both sounded fine, plenty of normal bass.

I fiddled with the via audio deck a bit and nothing really changed it.

So... what the heck? Has anyone else had this issue? Recommendations?

I hope asus will get their audio drivers in check someday but I know it will never happen. 😕

Level 9
hi, is you OS for Win 8 and VIA audio?

Level 7
No, I forget I should specify now. win 7 and via audio

Level 7
I'm having this problem with Windows 10(64-bit). Bass speaker works fine when 2.1 surround is enabled through Windows, but the bass seems to be cut out from the headphone jack. I believe this is a sound driver issue, but have never been able to resolve it.