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New Wireless Card Recommendation? [G74sx-A1]

Level 7
Any recommendations on a great wireless card to replace the one currently in it? im aware that i can lose the bluetooth depending on what i replace it with, but i dont really use bluetooth so i dont care much for it, i want a wireless card that has a bigger range or can catch wireless much much better.

Level 10
The Intel cards works great. I swapped out the poor-performance Atheros card for an Intel 6300 (I don't care about BT). But the 6230 is also a great card if you do want integrated BT.

I have the Intel 6230 and it IS great.

If you buy another card be sure to uninstall the Atheros wifi and bluetooth drivers before you remove the card.
Read the User's Manual for more info. 😄

G74SX-A1 BIOS 203
Intel 6230 WiFi/BT
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JRd1st on

Level 7
Thank you both for your input! i was looking originally at the Bigfoot Wireless cards but i will take a look at the ones you mentioned 🙂

Level 7
Ordered an Intel 6230 this weekend, hope to get it by the end of the week. It was cheap enough to be worth not having to deal with the Atheros issues any longer, I'm hoping I'll also get a little more range with it. I have a wireless-n AP maybe 30 feet away and I get virtually no signal when I have the lid closed with the Atheros.

I'll post up once I get it installed.
ASUS G74SX-XR1 :cool:

awesome, let me know bud 🙂

Level 7
Received the Intel 6230 card today, install was a breeze. Hardest part was getting it lined up with the slot. 🙂

Initial impression:

- Lid-closed 802.11n 2.4GHz signal appears to be improved compared to the Atheros, however speed was 56Mb or less.
- Lid-closed 802.11n 5GHz signal was sketchy, speed was 120-160Mb and transfers were only in the 3MB/sec area.
- Lid-open 802.11n 5GHz signal is great, speed is consistently 260-300Mb
- Bluetooth is working flawlessly, no lag whatsoever regardless of what's happening with wifi traffic

Overall, for $20 + shipping, it's a no-brainer if you're unhappy with the way the Atheros wifi+BT operates. One thing I have noticed is that Wireless Console 3 only allows control over the wifi radio and not the BT. Not a big deal I guess.

As far as support goes (Drivers, software), I've always been happy with Intel and that trend continues here. Atheros support leaves something to be desired, IMO.
ASUS G74SX-XR1 :cool: