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New to ROG decision help

Level 7
HI my name is Corey and im new to the ROG brotherhood.
I've yet to buy an ROG gaming laptop but id like to do so very soon, and thats partially why I'm making this post. I'm in my last year fo highschool and getting ready to go to college, and i need a laptop, also I want to get back into PC gaming very bad . I dont mind lugging around the 17 inch G75, I've carried bigger things around with me before on a daily basis.

However im not sure i should buy the G75 or just wait until the G76 comes out. Ive had my eyes set on the ASUS G75VW-TH72
for a little and most likely wont be buying it until June July so im curious on whether i should make this jump. If someone could help me id thatd be very cool

Thanks again and i hoe to join the ROG brotherhood very soon.

Level 14
Hi Corey - For college classes you want to get yourself a nice light ultrabook with good battery life to last you through the day. You don't need a big, clunky, gaming rig that has to be tethered to an outlet to get you through a class.

Think about it... your folks will be paying $20K or more a year to put you through school, or you'll be going into debt up to your eyeballs with Student Loans. You're going to college to learn what you've chosen to do for the rest of your life. It's time to put down the childish games and get after your career...unless you've chosen to be a PC game developer!

;>{) >
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Level 7
Haha very true and i did think about that, but at the same time ill have a lot of down time that i wont be studying or going classwork, very tough choice. In addition to the fact that i couldnt let go some of the games I've come accustomed to. Need something to occupy my time.

BUt i thank you sincerely for the reply.

CoreyJ wrote:
... ill have a lot of down time that i wont be studying or going classwork...

Then you need to sign up for more classes, so you can graduate earlier. You want to get in, get out with a degree, and start earnin' a livin' ASAP! Being a professional student is not a career choice...

If you're not really sure what you want to do for the rest of your life, then maybe it's best to take things a little slower. Maybe even holding off on college until you have that worked out... But it requires some effort and serious thought. And it's likely you won't find the answer playing computer games.

You want to make sure you follow your passion. As Steve Jobs once said (and I'll paraphrase here rather than look up the exact quote) - Think about the most amazing thing you could do and concentrate on going after that.
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

Level 7
Yes Yes I am aware and i thank you for you knowledge but the way they have my classes and plans set up is a way that i do have a good ammoutn of downtime, and there sending me to med school and i cant change the time basis ont hat really i am going to minor in business but would like to continue gaming on a personel stand point and enjoy college instead of running myself dry.

With that being said I thoroughly understand your point the way I was conveying this sounds like im just going to be lazy in college and game all the time which isn't the point i was trying to get across.

I was personally looking for a little insight to see whether this laptop would be a bad choice whether I should wait or just find a new laptop all together, but something I can at least game on.

Level 7
Well, i used my G1S while i was in school, so i guess the 15" gaming rig of today should work just fine for gaming and school work.
The G75 will be a bit big to lug around the classrooms and the battery wont hold much more than 2-3 hours tops.
But if you have outlets close and can take notes on paper (which is the best way of learning things anyway) get a 17".
I took my notes on paper and only used the laptop for writing turn-papers and big documents and i graduated A+...
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Level 7
Very cool! and I do personally take paper notes, lets me be more creative with what I like to remember I guess you can say.
I was looking at the g46 as well as an alternative, wasnt too keen on the specs as far as keeping up with the future games but i didn't mind so
much I still have a good amount of time to chose so we'll see wheres this take me. But thank you for your reply.

Level 8
If you're going to classes, it's a better idea to drag around a 15 incher. Trust me. You'll have to drag along your charger, too, and that weight accumulates pretty quickly. (Source : I used a G51 in grad school. Works great for research, too. That horsepower can certainly be used for numbers grinding.)

Don't worry too much for keeping up with future games. If you drag it around a lot, chances are it won't last long enough to grow obsolete, as long as you don't constantly demand the best in graphical prowess----and if you do, you'd be better off buying a desktop after graduation. However, you'll probably get your money's worth out of the rig by the time it starts breaking down, so it's still not a bad deal. If the laptop will mostly travel with you to the library and stay home most of the time (i.e. you don't use it in classes), then it'll last a while longer.