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New ROG G751 JY - T7022H Owner Questions

Level 7
Hello Everyone,

I'm a new owner and this is my 1st post, so please bare with me. 😄

SO i bought it a month ago and bumped into these forums just today, and I came across a lot of stuff which implied that the "STOCK" "Out of the box" setup is problematic and that fixes need to be made.

I'm super confused as where to start and what all to do. :confused::confused::confused: I couldn't find any threads regarding the same for nOObs... :confused:

I have installed the new audio driver .4732 one...

other than that what all need to be updated/fixed??? can someone provide a list Plz... :D:D:D:D:D:D

My notebook is completely STOCK except removed a few things like Screensaver and stuff (No Asus software removed)
the live updater doesn't show any updates.

Also i cannot find any place which has listed the hardware components specific to my model no.
I'm confused as to which Bluetooth driver to download as there are 3 different ones available.. 😕

Also... Should i update bios?? is it safe?? if yes.. then should i go in incremental order.. or i just directly flash the latest one??

I know these are a lot of questions... Bt well I'm a noob when it comes to Pre-Built System 😛

So yeah... I'm Looking for some help on this.
Thanks in Advance... 🙂 🙂

Level 7
You can flash straight to newest BIOS version, no need to go step by step.
Download nvidia expirience, download latest graphics driver trough that.
I personaly use Drivers booster 2, a free program that downloads and installs all needed drivers ( not always latests ones - like wireless you should get from intel site if you have intel wireless , also don't update graphics drivers trough driver booster since you should have geforce expirience from nvidia ).

Update your firmware trough windows update, and delete Game first or something like that from Asus because it will mess with your wireless.

I don't have ANY asus programs or bloatware, only the needed ones ( ATK package ). Rest I have not installed, and I don't plan to.

You should also remove all those apps from windows 8.... just draining the laptop

Level 14
OK, it sounds like you havening no issues. That's a good thing. You can find all the latest approved hardware and software drivers at Asus Support Downloads You can down load Hwinfo64 it will load up and tell you all the information on your hardware you can use the sensor tab to show you all your temps and loads including your fans. you can also log your fan speeds CPU and GPU Temps while you stress test your GPU and CPU. You should benchmark and stress test to insure you have good pasting and fans are working properly. Furmark 15 min stress test will insure your GPU is pasting is good. I use burn in test to stress test CPU. 3D Mark 11 is good general benchmark It will give you a good Idea how well you notebook is doing in general Testing testing insure all your systems are working properly before your return to seller window expires. all is good enjoy your new notebook
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980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
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Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

Level 7
Thank you Guys,

This helps a lot and sets a lot of perspectives straight. 🙂

One Question... I read on the forums that over clocking is back bt in the GPU tuning software by ASUS things are grayed out. Should i be using afterburner instead? also is there a way to change the fan speed? if yes should/ can i do the above 2 with out causing problems in terms of heat and components wearing out?

I used to overclock my desktop GPU bt that was an assembled PC and had 4 fans, hence the question.

Level 7
Overclocking will get you a lot more heat.
MSI afterburner can't overclock ( at least the legit versions for laptop can't, with the newest nvidia drivers ).
But there are some asus versions of GPU clock for laptops, that are safe to use to overclock just a little bit. ( you just push a button and it's stable +5% overclock or something like that ). You can go for more overclock with some older versions of graphics drivers and msi or other programs...but I don't recomend it, because...why try your luck. Just stick to newest graphics drivers. If you realy have the need to overclock, do it on your cpu with intel xtu, just raise the multipliers on cores and cache.

In 3d mark firestrike you should be getting around 8500 points.

I would sugest you use undervolt in intel xtu program. You can read about it in every high temperature post. It won't hurt performance, and will reduce your temperatures by 3-5 degrees.
Also if you don't like your temperatures, download NotebookFanControl, and use the uploaded Silent profile for G751JY.
I can't recomend it enough, it's reduces temps by almost 10 degrees for me.

You realy don't need to overclock for any game yet, but if you will overclock you should use the fan profile and the undervolt ( also update BIOS is a must ).

Thank You Jasen for the NCFB tip.. Bt i Couldnt not find the profile in their list of configs.. 😞

Edit: Found it.. :).. Thanks Again

Level 7
Okay, so after a sufficient testing... i have undervolted ny CPU and using the silent profile with NCFB (ironically its not silent atall.. bt doesnt matter to me 😛 )

Which bought me to another question.... does running the fans at higher speeds for long period of time (say 3-4 hrs).. can it cause problems to the fan? as in wear them down

Also.. what are the "Safe temperatures" for the CPU and GPU?
I was playing Dragon age inquisition for some 3 hrs and hit max 80-85 degrees...
and in idle conditions its around 30-35 degrees.

So the question is ... is this behavior normal?

Edit: Dragon age inquisition is literally maxed out in terms of graphics settings.