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New laptop is currently out of stock on, will my replacement be different?

Level 7
Sent in my brand new Flow x16 for 2 RMAs already (GV601RW), was informed I would receive a replacement offer email soon. However, I noticed that my model in particular is out-of-stock on the ASUS eStore; does this mean that there isn't any possibility of receiving a replacement of the same model? Can anyone chime in on their experiences with receiving replacements for new laptops they've RMA'd? It would be a bit ridiculous if the ASUS RMA team didn't have any replacement stock for a $3k laptop released ~2 months ago.

I don't work for ASUS but in a company this size retail allocations are complicated. eStore stock is not a measure of how many units a company possesses and Service is a different animal entirely (more below). You might also see that other retail stores still have it in stock when ASUS doesn't because of business agreements where a certain number were already promised.

For RMA the verbiage is pretty broad. Your warranty says something like 'ASUS reserves the right to repair or replace at its discretion' which gives the service branch a lot of latitude. Depending on the product it can be a repair, replacement with a refurbished unit, replacement with a new unit, replacement with an equivalent or better product, or (rarely) some monetary compensation.

So you really just have to wait for whatever offer is coming. Whatever it is, let the rest of us know. Although your situation might be different since you've already had this in multiple times, so that might be the impetus behind this offer.

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