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new g75vx-rh71-ca downgraded to win 7 issues

Level 7
hi everyone i'm a new owner of this very nice laptop and love it so far , but was having mega issues with win 8 so I put win 7 on this laptop and let me let you it was a nightmare that I have never had before.
thanks to a few forum posts here I was able to get my laptop functional under win 7 but still having a few issues
I'm using windows 7 64(legit)

1. I can't get the Broadcom blue tooth driver from their website or searching for the device name from device manager to work says wrong os or it doesn't find it at all. my bluetouth is a BCM20702a0, any help and what driver and where to download would be sweet

2. I used that driver someone else posted for my wireless card - Asus pce-ac66 802.11ac network adapter but I can't connect to any wireless connections as it says they are all limited connections and then they keep trying to connect, I know my router works as I can connect to it with every other device

ohh other question I have is about if I just go back to windows 8 again which after my day from hell installing windows 7 i'm about to do, I don't see a product key anywhere, now being a idiot I killed the recovery part not thinking I was going to have this amount of issues but don't see the key, now I heard this pc has a chip on the mb that stores the win8 key if I download a win 8 64 bit oem disk or retail will it pick up that key? or am I going to have to buy a full copy of win 8 to reinstall?

thanks again and man this is a bad ass laptop lol all my friends are jealous of it

Level 7
it was me who made the post about the wireless driver.
yes it works and it works perfect.
make sure when promt to set the homegroup to HOME and it should go from a fresh install.

****for the bt on the win 8 cd with laptop in the bluetooth folder is the driver,,BUT you have to manually force the driver,U CANT SETUP FROM THE .exe file..

also type in a google search and look for "product key finder" theres all kinds out there,and yes that will give you the cd key.

if you have a spare 2.5" harddrive lying around throw it in,,this laptop allows 2 fullsize 2.5" w/case so i used a ssd drive i had and made a dual boot win7 on ssd and kept the hardrive it came with in tact..

Level 7
ahh ok i'll try that 🙂 thanks

Level 9
search from here, i saw post have sharing how to download G75VX in here.