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New g750jw wireless problem..

Level 7
i am having problems with my wireless..i have a full signal but the internet is very very slow and stops alot of the time..i hooked it directly to my router and it is fast and works perfect! i checked the driver and it says it is up to date so i dont know what to do from here..everything else on the laptop works perfect.. Thanks

Level 7
i also just reinstalled the driver and the same prob is took me almost 9 min to download a 35.8mb file..this is making me mad

Level 9
if you have free time i suggest you send back to service center to check it, because if you have install new driver from asus support site already, but problem is same.

Level 9
ibbi wrote:
i suggest you turn off bluetooth from the Control Panel > Users > Change PC Settings > Wireless > Turn off bluetooth

Bluetooth and WiFi Signal can have interference and cause problems so disable Bluetooth when you don't need it, also it is better for your heart so you will not get heart cancer quickly

The interference issue is partially true, although since 802.11 can operate on 5 GHz frequencies, it shouldn't cause so much throttling as per this case.

As for the heart cancer speculation, that is heavily debated and Bluetooth seems to only have a SAR (specific absorption rate) value of 0.001, which is less than one thousandth the SAR limit set by the FDA for cell phones.

@OP: Try this utility (be sure to select each option when you run it):

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i had the bluetooth turned off and had the same problem..i just took the laptop back and got another one lol and it works awsome so im good..i was also wondering do the g750jw come with the full 1080p screens?? i am running my resolution at 1920x1080 and i didnt think it could go that high?