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New G551 (UK) - Vibration Sensation on Metal Surfaces / Chassis

Level 7
I unboxed my new G551 this morning and was ready to fall in love with it when I noticed an electrical vibration coming from the palm rest. It's best compared to touching a helium filled party balloon? It's definitely current related, as it stops when pulling the charger. It can also be felt on the lid. It's really distracting and I don't feel I can live with this.

Is this a fault or have others also experienced this? I read that I need to ground the charger, but shouldn't this be done automatically through the UK power socket? If not, is there a specific extension cable I could purchase? Many thanks.

Level 7
hi me too , i can feel an electrical vibrqtion too, from borders of my laptop whne my arm is near to border my body hair is attracted to the laptop lol , but its not too important

I can recommend >>>

I just play StarCraft II

Level 11
So I am taking it that there is metal on the G551's palm rest (least I gathered that from your issue and a review I read).

If this is the case, your issue is almost certainly poor, or no grounding. Just because you have a ground plug in your wall socket does not mean it is grounded at all.

Your only solution is to get a proper ground installed.

You could work around the issue by getting a vinyl wrap installed on your laptop where the palm rest is (or any other metal you would touch frequently). The vinyl will act as an insulator preventing the shock. Basically anything you can do to prevent yourself from completing the circuit to ground will help.

I know this can be quite annoying, here in the Philippines I am pretty sure the building code prohibits a proper earth ground... seriously though proper grounding is nearly non-existent here.