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New G531GV - Strix Scar III battery issues

Level 7
Hello guys,

I purchased a new ROG G531GV (144Hz version - RTX 2060) in July 2019.

I saw a lot of reviewers reported a battery life of around 3 hours after a full charge. However in my case, I am hardly getting ~1 hr 20 mins after a full charge.
The battery drains too fast.

I talked to ASUS customer support and the tech person gave a couple of very generic suggestions to me :

1. Calibrate the battery --> I already did that. No improvements.
2. Refresh the OS --> I formatted my C: drive and re-installed Windows 10 Home last night. No improvements.

As soon as I unplug the charger (after a full charge), I see the estimated battery remaining as ~1hr 20 mins.

Please note - I already use Power saver mode on battery and also dim the display brightness. All the basic suggestions and best practices I have already tried.

I am not sure if it a hardware problem or if it can be resolved through software.

Can you guys please help me ? Thanks in advance.

Level 7
Can someone help please ?!?