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new asus g751 Display and Sound Judgment

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Hey Ho! New here, got a New Asus G751, is this backlight bleed/ips glow ok? Or should I return? What would you do? The Sound is Very Different, also with Soundsystem, i compared it with a Acer Notebook with and without Soundsystem, without i must say the Acer is better, with Soundsystem i really don't know its very different.... One song or Track is better on the Acer with Soundsystem and one on the asus, and with in ear headphone its the Same but i think its more detailed on the asus.

Sorry for my english!!

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That one in the Center right under is massive

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That's pretty "normal" - but it's ultimately up to you RE: what you can stand.

There's a whole thread RE: the sound, check this out:
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toronto699 wrote:
your English is perfect ,

Agreed - way better than I can speak in any other language! 🙂

Just took mine into a dark room and tested it with a black screen. Compared to my g751jy-dh72x, that center area in your photos does seem to light-bleed a little bit more than mine. If you can easily get an exchange from the store where you purchased it, it may be worth a try.

Realistically though, it's a gamble whether or not it'll be any better. In fact, I've had far worse light-bleed on non-ASUS laptops in the past! I tend not to notice things like that after a while.

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Well, I got one piece with almost no bleeding. Also a G751JY but T7015D model (the cheapest one, without SSD). So, yeah. It's worth a shot to try and change it. But beware of the fact that other models could have other problems: faulty keyboard, faulty touchpad, high temps.
For my personal experience, I have also changed my first G751JY models due to some bleeding in the left corner of the screen and because one of the enter keys had it's black coating ripped. Now I have a models with almost no flaws, except for the higher temps on the CPU... So, yeah. It's a difficult choice that you have to make .
I don't know if it can be seen from these photos but there's no much bleeding:
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0ff topic BaiHu how do u like your DH72X I have 2 with a few SSD and ram upgrades , I can swap the BD drive to a SSD when needed as I Edit Video for CBC TV and 3d rendering if anyone is unhappy with new laptop get a new one ASAP if u can

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The system itself is absolutely outstanding. I virtualize a lot of semi-complex multi-server environments in addition to my fair share of gaming. This system eats up everything I throw at it with pure glee and it asks for more. I haven't bothered overclocking yet, but my temperatures are nice and chilly with no apparent need to modify fan profiles. I've had some issues with either nVidia's drivers, ASUS's software, or both resulting in occasionally choppy gameplay despite otherwise high framerates. That aside, it doesnt appear to be a hardware issue so the system itself gets consistently high marks in my book. That, and even with the occasional software issues, the ROG community is outstanding so nailing down workarounds/solutions to problems is a snap.

For the price, I'd definitely buy a 2nd if work demanded it - no questions asked. Like any other hardware or product, sometimes theres a small percentage of units with minor - or even major - issues. Returns to stores are easy as most issues I've seen are readily apparent at or near the point of purchase. If not, ASUS' RMA process seems more than fair from what I've heard. I don't hold it against ASUS one bit. Heck...I've heard MUCH worse horror stories from MacBook Pro users that spent way more money on their systems and got *WAY* less bang for their buck performance-wise even after their issues were resolved.

Just my two cents!

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Hi, mine g751jy was bleeding in firsts uses only. Now it disappeared, i dont see it anymore :).

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Hi, mine is bleeding exactly the same as yours! Just not on the right side but on the left side of the screen. I saw on forums that it is due to the fact that there is a pressure on the screen.
I tried to flex the case a little, and to give a small massage to the bleeding zones like some people did but it didn't help.
No one knows how to fix it?